The Recapitulation of Summer and Fall 2020: My Second Chat with John Coleman

My first and previous chat with John Coleman occurred on 30 June 2020. It was recorded in two parts, both a little over an hour long. Here are the links to those:
Part 1:
Part 2:

We recorded our second chat on 8 December 2020. Given that Summer 2020 started on the 20th of June and that Winter 2020 starts on the 21st of December, I figure that the majority of Summer and Fall has passed between our last conversation. John contacted me the first week of December to do another show but I had no clue what to talk about given that I did two shows in November and didn’t want to do a repeat show. I decided that doing a recap of what I have been up to over these two seasons would be a good topic because I haven’t done that yet and it’d be a good way to provide somewhat of a journal type piece of content.


I spent a fair bit of time in July going back over the fundamental biblical manuscripts. I think the most important article from this series was The Sources for Biblical Publications. This article established the main sources which were used for the publications of Bibles. There are only 6 sources on the list.

I also spent a fair bit of time looking into the Early References to Josephus. I looked into the surviving records of those early references to try and establish their provenance. Most of them were really obscure, but I did collect good information for anyone interested in pursuing any part of it further.

Then at the very end of July I published an article on the Historical Method.


I did a study basically the same as the one for Josephus but this time on the Historical Sources For Christianity. Again, the narratives surrounding the sources (narratives about origins and dates) boil down to sketchy due to very little attention ever being given to provenance.

I also started school at the end of August to pursue a BA in History.


I ended August and started September with a string of news articles because I kept seeing quite a bit of decent news being published about historical discoveries. The wildest of them in my opinion was the mammoth graveyard discovered near Mexico City, now believed to be the largest mammoth graveyard in the world with over 200 mammoths found so far last I checked. Another interesting one to me was published in mid-September about some 67 pre-Columbian archeological sites which were being threatened by the construction of an oil-pipeline in Canada. Towards the end of September there was an interesting report about some antiques dealers who were arrested due to accusations of faking history, specifically the provenance of the items they sold.

I posted an article on The 29 Fundamental Points of Chronology. These are the 29 points which were laid down by Petavius as evident and unquestionable.

Towards the end of September I published the first two videos in a series I called “Examining Fomenko’s New Chronology”. Basically I started going through the 7 volume series line by line to conduct an examination of the claims. To determine the validity of the claims, I went searching for information that would either support or contradict the claim. Based on the number of claims that were supported or contradicted, I calculated a grade. Part 1 got 100% and part 2 got 91.66%. Part 3 was published in October and scored a 100%. Part 4 was published in November and scored an 87.5%. I have since stopped conducting the examination due to avoiding copyright issues but I am waiting to hear back from the publisher for permission to continue.

On the 12th of September I published the Ctruth Goals so that anyone who wants to see my vision for Ctruth can.

On the 28th of September I published the current The Ctruth Logo.


I spent a good bit of time focusing on the history of the humanities and the auxiliary sciences of history. The main take away from this was that the histories of the various humanities have not been given much attention in comparison to the histories of the sciences. Most relevant posts are in Historical Methods and Studies.

Towards the end of the month, I began reorganizing my website a little to make it more user friendly.


I was on MythVision Podcast and I covered some basics about chronology, sources, and academic disciplines. Really just a lot of the stuff I had been getting familiar with for the prior few months.

I was on Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio and talked about really just about the basics of Fomenko’s New Chronology.

The article that I liked the most which I published in November was The Fathers of Chronology article, where I explored who all had been called the father of chronology (or some variation of that) and when they were first called as such.

At the end of November the discovery of an almost 8 mile long wall covered in pre-historic rock art was was announced. There were conflicting reports about where this wall was found and so I did a study into the early reports on the find. It seems the issue can be traced back to one source which botched it.


On the 4th of December I changed the Ctruth motto to “Seeking the Truth about Chronology Today”.

Aside from that, I’ve really just been working on my “Fathers of History” article.

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