The Ctruth Logo

The Ctruth logo has undergone a number of changes. The most recent change, shown above, has been the most significant and is loaded with the most meaning.

The Most Recent Ctruth Logo

The most recent Ctruth logo was official finished on the 28th of September, 2020. It is a composite photo of 5 other photos. Four were taken by other artists and one was created by me. The one created by me is the frame which is the Ctruth symbol.

The Ctruth Symbol

The Ctruth symbol is basically a circle with a cross in it, but the circle is not complete and so it makes the letter C. The cross is a lower case t and so the two letters together are the name Chronologytruth, or Ctruth for short. The circle with a cross through it has commonly been called a sun cross, however, I was not aware of this when I created the Ctruth logo, as I had always associated it with the earth due to an interest I had in astrology during my teenage years. Also, the “t” doesn’t connect to the “C”, so I’m not sure it would be considered a sun cross anyways. The sun (or earth) cross was the original model for the idea though which is why I’ve included this information here. Only after I started looking more deeply into its history did I find out more about it. Reportedly, it has been used all over the world and has been found on cave walls and in the world’s earliest documents.[1]

The Other Four Images

The other four images are of:
1 – Big Ben’s Clock – Chronology
2 – Star Trails – Astronomy
3 – A Map – Geography
4 – A Zodiac Clock – Astrology

I took the images from a phone app called Unsplash, which allows photos to be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without permission. However, since I looked through tons of photos and selected only a few, I wanted to give thanks to the people who originally took them. Below are my reasons why I chose each photo and information about who took each photo.

“Dramatic Ben” by Dara Esh. Taken in London, United Kingdom. Published 1 November 2018.

In my opinion, the images in the Ctruth logo flow best in clockwise formation. The main focus of Ctruth is chronology, and chronology is the study of time. In the logo, time is represented by Big Ben’s clock. This is why I put the clock is in the first quarter. It’s also a nod to Fomenko’s New Chronology for being a large influence on me starting Ctruth, and the seven volume series of Fomenko’s New Chronology has Big Ben on the book covers.

By Patrick McManaman. Taken in Tolland, Connecticut, United States. Published 31 July, 2016.

The second quarter contains the star trails. Chronology is fundamentally dependent upon astronomy because we measure time by the motion of the planets. A day is marked by the sun returning to the same position in the sky and a year is marked by the stars returning to their same positions in the sky. Days are commonly split into 24 sections which are further split into 60 sections of 60. A year is generally split into 12 sections. These are the basics of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years. They are fundamental units of measurement for mapping out human history and are useful in everyday life.

Another reason I chose star trails is because I’ve been a long time enjoyer of astrophotography. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s basically the wing of photography that deals with “photographing astronomical objects, celestial events, and areas of the night sky”.[2] Additionally, I found the trails to be aesthetically pleasing and thought they fit in well with the other images.

“Handmade globe” by Gaël Gaborel. Taken in Cognac, France. Published 7 September, 2020.

The third quarter of the logo has a map. This represents geography. Geography and chronology have been considered the “eyes of history” for about the past 500 years. Without them as a basis, history is chaotic. Geography provides the locations for events and chronology provides the details of how much time has passed in between events. This is the main reason I chose the image I chose.

A lesser reason I chose that specific image is that it was of a map that outlined countries and named cities, but it was circular, was looking down from the top, and fit in perfectly with the other images. The aesthetic qualities drew me in again. Then it just so happened that Russia is shown on the map, and so this is another nod to Fomenko’s New Chronology for inspiring me to pursue historical studies more seriously.

By Josh Rangel. Taken in Italy. Published 14 January, 2018.

Finally, the fourth quarter is of a clock showing 12 common astrological symbols. The clock part is important for reasons already stated, but the zodiac signs add more meaning to it. As mentioned earlier, I did spend some time in my teenage years studying astrology. In that time I got familiar with all of my signs and I haven’t forgotten about my main ones since. My sun was on the cusp between Taurus and Gemini, slightly on the Gemini side, my moon was in Pisces, and my rising sign was in Cancer. The relevance to the image I used for the logo is that Gemini is the central sign of the three shown, which is my sun sign. It’s been awhile since I checked, but I think with the updated dating my sun is in Taurus, and so Taurus being there is doubly important because my sun was right on the cusp of it according to the traditional style and was in it according to the updated style. Cancer is also next to Gemini and is my rising, so choosing those 3 signs out of the 12 felt most appropriate and personal.

Aside from the zodiac clock’s aesthetics matching the rest of the image, I also chose it again because of Fomenko’s New Chronology. I became significantly more familiar with using horoscopes for historical dating. A horoscope is “a diagram of the heavens, showing the relative position of planets and the signs of the zodiac”.[3] Due to planetary positions only repeating certain formations every so many years, horoscopes provide unique astronomical data which can be useful in historical studies. For example, the position the planets were in when you were born will only ever be in the position they were in every “X amount” of years. This is because they have different speeds at which they move across the sky. The astrological data can convert to astronomical data and then further into historical data.

That wraps up the reasons why I chose each image for the logo. I have plans to eventually change it again, but I think I’ll be incorporating most of the ideas above into the next one. I don’t have plans to do that anytime soon. Potentially that will happen around 2023.

The Timeline of Ctruth Logos

28 September, 2020.
22 July, 2020.
25 May, 2020.
24 May, 2019.
3 April, 2019.
24 March, 2019.
19 February, 2019.
4 February, 2019.
2 January, 2019.

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