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      • In Chapter 3 of Johnson’s Pauline writings he mentions “Palmoromaica by Rev John Black”:
        (in para 4)

        “I have entered closely upon this question in a special series of published papers; and, in my inability to treat it in this place, I may here refer my readers to the very valuable work, in English, entitled “Palmoromaica,” ascribed to the Rev. John Black, and published early in this century, where that acute and learned author puts forth a variety of cogent arguments against the Greek and for the Latin original, which may easily be strengthened, and which are powerfully suggestive in the direction of my own researches and discoveries”

        Can you throw more light on this please? Is the Rev John Black this one?
        He was an expert, a professsor at the western Univ of Penns from 1820-1832:

        It’s hard to trace a copy of the book from around 1820 I guess, while he was there(Pittsburgh?)

        Why has not mentioned it?

        It’s completely disappeared without any trace …

        Many thanks Stephen

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      • I have found some additional information on Rev John Black and will publish it in an article later this evening

        Thanks for bringing this to my attention


  1. I’m editing a version of Edwins Pauline epistles on academia.
    Updating language etc glossing phrasetis
    Tx again for pointing him out to me

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    • Thanks for sharing. I had a long review of some parts of that article typed out but right as I went to post it it got deleted for whatever reason. I don’t feel like typing it all out again. The gist of it is that the evidence in that thread is incredibly weak. I had reasons why but I really don’t feel like wasting even more time than I already have on it.

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  2. That’s disappointing- it ties up with Edwin Johnson’s ideas; even if you can’t support it here.

    It’s like Stonehenge setup/rebuilt in the late 50’s:


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  3. The concept of a “Dark Age” originated in the 1330s with the Italian scholar Petrarch, who regarded the post-Roman centuries as “dark” compared to the “light” of classical antiquity.[3][4] The phrase “Dark Age” itself derives from the Latin saeculum obscurum, originally applied by Caesar Baronius in 1602 to a tumultuous period in the 10th and 11th centuries.[5][6] The concept thus came to characterize the entire Middle Ages as a time of intellectual darkness in Europe between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance; this became especially popular during the 18th-century Age of Enlightenment.[3]

    Summary of a different version “Phantom Time” by Herbert Illich. You’ve heard of it of course?

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      • I didn’t realize this until now but “YtEmoji Neue Chronologia” is his channel. I find that channel super annoying because he uploads a ridiculous amount of super short text videos and those just flood the search results for recent posts on YouTube about Fomenko’s New Chronology

        Aside from that, his book looks interesting, I’ve read summaries on Fomenko’s website, and I’m sending an email to him right now to see if he’d be interested in chatting about it all


    • I think it would have been interesting to see the evolution of the controversy had he lived for several more years or decades. It’s unfortunate he that passed away within 4 years of publishing his argument.

      You’re welcome for the text. It was somewhat obscure to begin with but after I figured out its original title, it was easier to find.


  4. Hi. I’m interested in historical historians like Fomenko, people who come up with new and interesting things. These historians are not famous in my country. I wanted you to name people like “Fomenko”. Name all these historical historians who have new words. I do a Google search for their names so I can download their books. My country is hostile to the free internet, it may block Google soon. Please tell me the name of the historians “NEW CHRONOLOGY” Thank you.


      • Hi. Thank you for your answer. I am in Iran. I am looking for an accurate and correct study of history. I am interested in investigating the forgeries and lies of history. In my country, 99% of the books in the field of “Revisionist History” are not available. That’s why I download these books. I saw several people, each of whom told some of the fabrications and lies of history. Or they doubted in some parts of history. Some books are not on the Internet or are not in English. I think people like historians. “fomenko”
        are. David Rohl’s
        And uwe topper. If the site or something about “Revisionist History”
        Or do you know historical forgeries and lies? Thank you for introducing me. You have a good site, thank you.


      • I’m not that familiar with Uwe Topper but I am aware of his work. I not that familiar with Rohl’s works either but the few interactions I’ve had with him were all unpleasant. Also I think David Falk has raised some important objections to Rohl’s New Chronology that I haven’t seen Rohl respond to.

        I’ll be publishing an article soon about historical forgeries. Keep an eye out for it


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