This is the Ctruth page for the topic of mudfloods. The page is currently split into 2 parts. Part One is the original article that I wrote about mudfloods which I published on April 4th, 2019. It has since been brought to my attention that some of the information in that publication was wrong. The second part is more up-to-date and has much higher quality information.

I’ve kept Part One of this article because I wanted to save my original take on mudflood when I had just heard about it and briefly looked into it. If you’re more interested in the newer, better information, skip ahead to Part Two.

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Part One

(April 4th, 2019)

What is up with the mudflood hype?

The current mudflood hype is about the idea that our history is not as it may appear. This idea is based on observations of buildings which appear to have been built prior to being mysteriously flooded with mud and other earth materials. That is to say, it appears that some buildings were created, and later a “mudflood” swept through their areas to leave them buried underground. There seems to be a strange mystery surrounding when these floods happened and what the implications may be. Discovering our true past seems to me to be the main drive behind mudflood researchers.

What is a “mudflood”?

As mentioned above, it is a “flooding” of natural materials. It appears to me to be similar to a ‘mudflow’. A mudflow is a type of ‘mass wasting’. Mass wasting is the geomorphic process by which soil, sand, regolith, and rock move downslope typically as a solid, continuous, or discontinuous mass.

The video below is an example of a mudflow. I imagine this is what is being referred to as a mudflood, or mudfloods/mudflooding.
I wonder when this Swiss flood control channel was constructed. What would have happened to those beautiful homes had it not been there?

Massive mud flow slams through Swiss town

Another video example is below.

RAW: Video shows moment mudslide hits

As you can see, these flows/floods/slides are no joke. In less than two minutes, that entire family was stranded in their home. You can see even the man in the street who was about to drive into the mudslide didn’t even do anything until this man warned him. I imagine floods as these which hit in the 1800s would have been even more difficult to prepare for.

History of Geology

Given that mudfloods are a geological event, it is useful for perspective to look into the history of geology. How long have humans been making an effort to study the earth? Who do we typically credit as the founding father of geology (the study of the earth’s physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it)?

The answer to the first question seems to be unattainable for now. The answer to the second question is James Hutton (1726-1797). It is not a long read into the history of geology to see that it is a somewhat young study (last 200-300 years). Today, we have well over half the surface of the earth to still explore, and well over 95% of the earth’s body to explore. I think it is safe to say that unless and until we develop better techniques for exploration, observation, and documentation, that these studies can still be considered young.

Why are mudfloods important?

The mudflood study is important for geology and historiography. It is important for geology because it helps us map out earth processes. It is important for historiography because we are able to better understand our past and our world’s past. The mudfloods are yet another piece of the puzzle. Without mudfloods, the puzzle will never be complete.

Data from Google:

Mudflood search popularity


Mudflow search popularity


the comparison

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Part Two

(September 1st, 2020)

It’s been almost a year and a half since I published my first article on mudfloods, and I’ve learned a lot since then about how to conduct research and write articles. I will say, mudflood has never really been my main focus, but I have come across it quite a bit while digging through “alternative” historical ideas. I do find it interesting though, and so occasionally I take some time to look into it. I am somewhat skeptical about it, but I’ll get into that later on in Part Two.

Nobody at all told me that the information in Part One was incorrect until Philipp Druzhinin, the person who coined the term “mudflood”/”mud flood”, reviewed my article and pointed some things out. The main thing that I got wrong is that a mudflood is not considered to be a natural event, it is an artificial event (I think PD thinks it was orchestrated by “parasites”) meant to purposefully destroy. Additionally, they have not occurred over multiple centuries, but only in the 19th century. That is what separates a mudflow/slide from a mudflood.

History of the Mudflood Concept

I want to pin down the exact history and development of this idea. PD may have been the first one to coin the term mud flood, but did the idea originate with him? Let me know what you think. Also, when did he coin the term, what year? What is the exact definition of a mudflood or “the” mudflood? What are other definitions that have been given?

Mudflood on YouTube

There are a number of English speaking people (based on YouTube search results by view count) who have attracted attention to the mudflood concept. I have them listed below with (pro) and (anti) after their names when applicable to signify if they support it or don’t support it. The names are listed in order according to who has the most views on their video. The search results I’m pulling from are for “mudflood” and “mud flood”. I also include the amount of views each person’s top ranking video from the results has received. You can click the views listed to be brought to the YouTube video I’m referencing.
1 – Richard Lopez (pro). 277k views.
2 – Observation Deck (pro). 184k views.
3 – CONSPIRACY-R-US (pro). 179k views.
4 – SciManDan (anti). 157k views.
5 – Justin Pawlak. 85k views.
6 – UAP. 82k views.
7 – Philipp Druzhinin. 80k views.
8 – JonLevi. 53k views.
9 – GLOBEBUSTERS. 45k views.
10 – Jeffrey Daugherty. 44k views.
11 – Barnabas Nagy. 41k views.
12 – Uncovered. 37k views.
12 – Andreas Xirtus. 35k views.
13 – WISE UP. 34k views.
14 – New Earth. 33k views.
15 – exheliocentric. 30k views.
16 – The Celtic Tartarian Channel.. 27k views.
17 – Flat Earth Nation-Dei Aurea Praeterita. 26k views.
18 – TheHighersideChats. 25k views.
19 – EarthUnknown. 23k views.
20 – Really Woke Roxanne. 22k views.

The Mudflood Concept

Video 1 – Tartarian Empire – Covered Up By People & Mud #Mudflood:

Based on Richard Lopez’s video linked above, around the 5 minute mark, the narrator (I think Observation Deck) says that the mudflood very like occurred in the mid to late 1840’s. Around the 7 minute mark, the narrator says the flood went across the entire world, They also question whether the mudflood was natural or artificial. Around the 15 minute mark, they’ve been talking about Tartaria for a few minutes. The idea of a covered-up Tartarian empire is also common in mudflood circles of thought. The discussion of Tartaria does interest me too, so I might make a separate article to discuss that. At around the 1 hour mark, Lopez plays a clip of Druzhinin giving his ideas on the mudflood.

Video 2 – GLOBAL MANDELA EFFECT: Mud Flood, Tartaria & Nikola Tesla:

At around the 3:30 mark on Observation Deck’s video link above, the mudflood starts to be mentioned. He goes onto tell about a common idea in mudflood circles, that the older generation was killed off and the younger generation of children was spoonfed a fake history. This is how the Great Empire of Tartaria, and also the mudflood, was covered up. Orphan trains were brought up, which according to the narrator were trains that allegedly shipped children all over the world to repopulate the world and rebuild civilization. When I last checked the wiki page for “Orphan Train”, it said, “The Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the United States to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854 and 1929, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, abused, or homeless children”. The laws about unwed mothers giving their children to the government that were made in the 1850’s and 1860’s are brought up.

At around the 10:15 mark, the narrator says, “Prior to the mudflood, humanity had finally got around to working with each other unanimously with the ability to produce free limitless energy similar to what Tesla postulated, but I’ll jump back to that in a little while, and they lived in balance with the planet to make sure that the global population had shelter, was well fed, and the energy was transmitted via wifi, similar to Tesla’s tower, to every residence, every building, in ways that we can’t understand at the moment.” The narrator goes on to say that capitalism is the pay-to-use version of this previously free energy world.

Observation deck split up civilization into pre-mudflood and post-mudflood. They used the term “the mudflood”, indicating a single mudflood event. Also they used the term “the Great Flood” in reference to “the mudflood” event. They speculated that the mudflood could be a massive mandala effect.

Video 3 – Mud Flood Mansions and the Gilded Age Deception:

CONSPIRACY-R-US begins by talking about the Gilded Age, which took place in the second half of the 19th century. They claim many mudflood mansions are on 5th avenue (Millionaire’s Row). They they mention the “free energy fireplaces”, another concept that seems to be popular in mudflood circles. They show the Carnegie Mansion and mentions that no construction photos can be found for it. They continue to go through the mansions and make note of their construction and demolition dates. While I do find it odd that those million dollar mansions would be destroyed, I’d like to hear the official reasoning as to why they were destroyed. The narrator stated that they think it’s a cover story, that the true story is being hidden. I think they’re arguing that the mansions weren’t built by the millionaires, but by the pre-mudflood civilization.

It’d be interesting to me to see a list of the names of the mansions, the alleged dates of construction, and their demolition dates to be able to see if there are any interesting patterns. Many of these houses also have organs in them, so I think it’d be worth talking to a historian specializing in the history of instruments about this. I think it’d also be worth discussing the underground window thing with a historian specializing in the history of architecture. Not that I think every historian with the above two specializations would have an “explanation”, but I think they’d have some interesting insight, as well as invested interest to look into it.

At around the 32 minute mark, he does show photos that lack the presence of people in them, which is a better example than on some of the other videos where the narrators says something along the lines of “and look at these abandoned cities, there’s nobody here” when you can clearly see people all over the place.

Video 4 – Watch Out for the Mud Flood, People!!:

SciManDan defines the mudflood as, “the idea that at some point in the past a giant mudflood covered the entire earth, destroying entire civilizations, and burrying all our buildings up to 2 meters deep”. From there he basically goes straight to ridiculing the mudflood idea by mocking it and saying it is on par with flat earth, which he believes is absurd. In my opinion, SciManDan raises some valid objections, such as not knowing the contents of the train and the misjudgment of the distance of earth mounds. Overall, the ridicule was a bit off-putting for myself, but I know others won’t mind it too much. If you choose to watch it, you’ll have to decide for yourself which parts of their video have merit and which parts don’t.

Video 5 – The mud flood tartaria Justin Pawlak:

Justin Pawlak began with an introduction and then asks this question, “Did we have a recent cataclysm in our past, a world wide flood, maybe it was around 1811, 1812, maybe earlier, maybe later. We don’t know for sure”. Then a video is shown of people not knowing who won the American Civil War and another video is shown of two people not knowing how to use a rotary phone. I think the videos are meant to provide examples as to how clueless people can be, especially when relevant information is withheld from them.

Justin then goes onto the topic of star forts. Star forts are also a popular topic in mudflood discussions. I do agree with Justin that they are beautiful structures. Here is a gallery of star fort images, if you want to check out the variations.

Then more images are shown of the underground windows and the buildings built on slanted areas. At around 21 minutes, that ends, and images of the World Fairs are shown. This is where I had to stop watching, but I’ll be back to finish the video and taking notes on it.

My Skepticism

Philipp Druzhinin is the person credited with coining the term “mudflood”/”mud flood”. I’ve spoken to him numerous times, but it was mostly about Fomenko’s New Chronology. He had claimed that Fomenko was a government agent, I had asked for his evidence, he reacted emotionally and provided weak “evidence”, and I concluded his belief was unwarranted. However, it wasn’t as simple as I laid it out right there, and PD made a video about an hour long in an unsuccessful attempt to troll and bully me. Basically his whole video was just one lie after another. I made a response to him but I haven’t heard back from him about it. You can watch my response here:

Alternatively, I have two articles which I wrote as the basis for the above video. You can read those here: (1) Backstory & (2) Mainstory.

I will say that my confidence in the validity of mud flood research dropped after this experience with PD, the supposed coiner of the term. I heard him say that he doesn’t care if lies are spread as long as it gets people closer to the truth. I don’t want to spread lies and I don’t think “lying to get people closer to the truth” has any serious merit. However, I know that to some extent you have to separate the art from the artist, or in this case, the research from the researcher, which is why I haven’t completely lost interest in exploring the mudflood idea. It does make me wonder though to what extent PD is lying about his research in some attempt to bring people to the truth, and how much of that plays into his mudflood ideas.

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