The Backstory to my Response to Philipp Druzhinin, the Mud Flood Researcher

This is part one of my official response to my interactions with Philipp Druzhinin, and especially the video which had a segment about an hour long which was specifically about me. The video about me was published on YouTube on July 2, 2020 under the title “Fomenko’s Historical Hell’s Kitchen / Is He an AGENT? You decide”. I refer to Philipp as PD in this article. His channel had around 21,400 subscribers when I last checked on July 3, 2020.

The reason why I’ve decided to make this response is because PD tells a lot of lies about me in order to convince people that I am a “troll”. I’m not a troll and I’m making this response to clear up any misconceptions about who I am and what I do.

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Here’s a timeline of our interactions pertaining to Fomenko:

Mid-January (two week before February 1st) 2019 – PD left a comment on schism206’s YouTube video titled 4.4 Occult Catholic Chronology – Fomenko’s Freemasonry. PD’s comment was “Fomenko is a government agent” and I responded with “got anything to back that up?”. He never responded to the question.

January 31st, 2019 – PD and I were friends on Facebook, and because he hadn’t responded to my YouTube comment, I messaged him on messenger at 9:26pm EST saying, “Do you have any information on Fomenko being a government agent?”, which he read about 2 and a half hours later at 11:57pm EST. He never responded to the question.

Around/On February 1st, 2019 – The post is gone and the screenshots aren’t complete, but I think PD had made a comment in a group that him and I were both in saying that Fomenko had made stuff up. The screenshot I have is my response to him and it says, “Philipp, ye, can you name one thing specifically that he has “made up”?”. He did not name one specific thing. Instead, he responded with, “If your research is based on proving that the history was falsified, then you have to admit the sources are also edited, so you can’t do anything based on those sources. This is the point when his brilliant computer based science becomes imaginary. I know you wanted me to give you a couple of shots on him, but I guess I’ll do it later in one of my videos.” The post was made in a group which was named “The Great Tartarian Empire – truth and facts”. I’m not sure what he meant by “a couple of shots on him”, because what I asked was for one thing specifically, not multiple things, but a single thing.

Again, the screenshots are incomplete, but it the end of my comment “that does not at all show Fomenko as an agent, it would only mean that every history source is fake, which means Fomenko is mistaken”. He responds with, “Stephen Sorensen you’re the one who said about the agent here , so why don’t you prove us that he is or he is not , if you wanted t my opinion then you’ve got it , the further and more detailed video on Fomenko is going to be broadcasted as soon as I’ll finish the rest of the line of videos”. I responded to that with “Philipp, you made the claim that Fomenko is a government agent, but do you have any evidence on hand? a simple fact? no.”

It looks like then I commented the screenshot of his comment on schism206’s video to remind him about what he had said about 2 weeks prior. He responded with “Stephen Sorensen I answered you because my friend invited me to this respected group, if I would know you were planning to troll me I would not even bother to answer you, but you pissed me off big time now – I’ll do a live video in a couple of minutes”. To which I responded, “Ig we got really different definitions for trolling. Where me requesting substantiating evidence for a claim is trolling to you, you making…” and I don’t have the rest of the comment because the post has been deleted and I wasn’t as experienced in screenshotting at the time. Also little did I know at the time what PD would be doing about me in the future.

He did do the livestream but there wasn’t any evidence (in my opinion) that Fomenko was a government agent in it. If you think there is evidence in that video of Fomenko being a government agent, please contact me with a timestamp from his video where he presents the evidence. His livestream title was “New Chronology by Nosovskiy and Fomenko MY OPINION ON FOMENKO”. It has a runtime of 22:00.

November 29, 2019 – PD posted a video on his YouTube channel of him being a guest on the YouTube channel “Baked and Awake”. The video is currently titled “Mud Flood Chat with Baked and Awake”. It has a runtime of 28:53. He talks about Fomenko in this video, but I don’t remember any evidence for Fomenko being a government agent being presented. If you think there is evidence, please contact me with a timestamp from that video that shows PD’s evidence. A reminder: claims can be evidence, but are not always evidence. Evidence can be used to substantiate a claim. PD claiming that Fomenko’s New Chronology is Russian propaganda is only evidence that PD claimed that Fomenko’s New Chronology is Russian propaganda. If there is evidence for Fomenko’s New Chronology being Russian propaganda, it is independent of PD’s claims, and he can use it to substantiate his claims.

December 28, 2019 – PD is again a guest on the YouTube channel “Baked and Awake”. The video is currently titled “Philipp Druzhinin, Mud Flood Chat Part Two- “The Druzhining”. It has a runtime of 1:02:29. He talks about Fomenko in this video, but I don’t remember any evidence for Fomenko being a government agent being presented. If you think there is evidence, please contact me with a timestamp from that video that shows PD’s evidence.

June 9th, 2020 – I posted an article titled “Fomenko’s Mudflood and New Chronology” in a Facebook group named “MUD FLOOD ADVANCED RESEARCH”. The article was my second article ever about mudflood and I wrote it because I thought Fomenko might have made notice of a mudflood (on which I’m still unsure of what the exact definition is) when he mentioned the term “mudflow”. The reason I thought the two terms were more or less synonymous is because of my first article on mudfloods where I state that I think they are similar if not the same thing. Nobody ever contacted me about that article being wrong and it had 509 views in 2019 so I didn’t pay much mind to it. Also mudfloods have not been a core interest of mine in my research, so admittedly I’m incredibly uninformed on what they are, but am open to adding new/better information to my mudflood article if it’s ever brought my way. Just as I do with any article on my website. If additional or improved information is presented to me, I will adjust my articles so that they can be as accurate as possible. I’ve done this a number of times already and plan on continuing to do so in the future.

PD was the first person to comment on my video but I didn’t know he had commented on it because for some reason the comment didn’t show for me. I would think this is because he had me blocked, but if he had me blocked, I’m not sure if he would see my post. Possibly admins for Facebook groups can still see the posts of people who they have blocked but I haven’t confirmed this yet. Whatever the case may be, the first response I ever saw on my post in that group was from someone named Maria. I try to respond to every comment that people leave on my posts and so I responded to hers. It was after my response to her that she made another comment in which she had tagged PD. At this point I realized that maybe PD was commenting on it and I wasn’t able to see what he was saying. I hopped onto a different Facebook account and my suspicion was confirmed. He was commenting on the post.

At first I only saw his comment which was in response to Maria, saying “there are many of places that could be probably be named Jerusalem, but the post was about Fomenko mentions of Mudflood, so the post isn’t correct that’s all I can say for now”. I didn’t see PD’s response to Maria saying sorry before I commented again. After that I noticed the rest of PD’s comments and later I didn’t have to switch back and forth between accounts to see them all. I think that this is because he unblocked me. I recorded the post before he took it down and you can read the comments here.

I responded to Maria saying, “PD has a grudge against Fomenko bc he thinks [Fomenko] is a govt agent. However, PD has nothing to back his belief, hence the cryptic “that’s all I can say for now””. I said that because I really don’t think PD has any good reason to believe Fomenko is a government agent or wrong in his research, hence all he can do is talk poorly about Fomenko without substantiating his claims. My comment was made to emphasize the point that that’s all he can say because that’s all he has, obscure “facts” and a vendetta against Fomenko. Again, if you think otherwise, please contact me. I am interested in any evidence that shows Fomenko is a government agent.

The last comment of his on that post was “I will , take your time … Quit replying here you can be banned. As soon as I am ready you will be informed. Take care”. His next comment was the link to the video which prompted me to make this response.

Check out my detailed response to that video here.

July 1st, 2020 – PD posted a video on his YouTube channel titled “Fomenko video announcement”. It has a runtime of 2:11. Here is a quote from that video @0:33:

“And there’ll be some answers to those who uhm who believe uhh that uhh what trolling what bullying is uhh something that you can get away with. So. Especially when you do it somebody who can troll back, so. Uhh you know I’m uhh *I can’t tell what he says here, it sounds something like 80-FLEVO* uhh trolling person and I can find probably each and every information off on everyone…”

I never trolled him, as I show in my response to his hour long video. And I had my suspicions that he was trying to troll me with his video but proving intent is a difficult thing to do. In that quote there from his announcement video he says he can troll back. This isn’t an admission that he will troll me back, but it does sound like trolling isn’t outside of what he’d consider to be an acceptable response to thinking I was trolling him. He also says something about getting away with bullying, which I think it’s clear in his hour long video that he attempts to bully me.

Oxford Languages defines the noun bully as “a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.” and the verb bully as “seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).” Was PD trying to bully me? I don’t feel intimidated or harmed, but I do feel like that was his main intent in his video.

Also July 1st, 2020 – PD posts his video “Fomenko’s Historical Hell’s Kitchen / Is He an AGENT? You decide”. You can find that video of his here.

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