Historical Sources for Christianity

This article contains a list of historical sources for Christianity. The article has two parts, the first is for the names of people and the second is for the names of discovered artifacts. The century marked after the life dates of a person is the earliest their surviving text has provenance. The provenance of discovered… Continue Reading

The Writings of Clement of Rome

With the dawn of modern scholarship, some writings that have been attributed to Clement of Rome are no longer attributed to him. The only writing that is now attributed to Clement is the Epistle of Clement. The date after a title is the century in which its earliest surviving records appear to surface out of… Continue Reading

Codex Sinaiticus

The Codex Sinaiticus appeared out of obscurity around the middle of the 19th century when Tischendorf discovered it in Saint Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai in Egypt. It is commonly believed to have been created in the 4th century. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 1761 – Vitaliano Donati visits St. Catherine’s Monastery and records his experience in… Continue Reading

Codex Vaticanus

The Codex Vaticanus appeared out of obscurity in the second half of the 15th century. While some claim that its existence can be traced as far back as 1475, others think that the furthest back you can find it for certain is 1481. It is regarded as the oldest extant manuscript of a Greek Bible, and is one of… Continue Reading