History, Historiology, Historiomathy, & Historiography

History, historiology, historiomathy, and historiography are four words useful for anyone interested in studying history. The word “history” is popular enough, but the words historiology, historiomathy, and historiography are more obscure. Of the latter three, historiography is used the most by a landslide.

This article briefly discusses each of the four words one by one.

If you have any information that you think is missing, or you see something that you think I got wrong, please leave a comment or send me an email.


History is the complete collection of events which have passed.

Everything that occurred before the present moment is known as history, or “the past”. Everything that has yet to occur is known as “the future”.

Events occur in a specific order and are non-contradictory. For example, a coin cannot land on heads and tails from the same flip. It’s one or the other.


Historiology is the study of history.

People who study history are commonly known as historians, but they can be called historiologers or historiologists too.

The study of history has been undertaken by various people since time immemorial, and for good reason. Studying the past through the present can help prepare for the future. This has allowed our species to survive as long as it has. Other animals also seem to study, or at least learn, from the past.


Historiomathy is the method or methods used in historical research, or study. Historiomathy is a simpler term for historical method. Almost all of these methods fall under the disciplines included in the historical auxiliary sciences.

Methodology is important and serves as a fundamental component for any scientific endeavor. Historiomathy encompasses all of the methods used in historiology. This includes literature reviews, textual criticism, bibliography, physical and chemical analyses, and more.


Historiography is writings about history, or the study thereof. The study thereof could also be considered historiographology but this word is the rarest one mentioned in this article (to my knowledge).

A historiography can be attributed to a person, a group of persons, a time period, and a group of persons from a specific geographical location, or a specific culture, society, or empire.


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