Historical Methods and Studies

This article contains a list of methods and studies that help with historical investigations. The names are listed in alphabetical order and are followed by their respective dates of origin. Dates of origin here means the century in which one of these categories was established as a discipline.

The Auxiliary Sciences of History.

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Anthropology – 19th c.

Archaeology – 18th-19th cc. (some effort between the 15th-17th cc.)

Archaeography – 20th c.

Archival science

Area Studies – 15th-20th cc. (mostly later developments)


Cartography – 19th c.

Chorography – 15th-16th cc.

Chronology – 16th-19th cc.

Cliometrics – 20th c.

Codicology – 20th c.

Diplomatics – 17th c.

Dendrochronology – 19th-20th cc.


Epigraphy – 18th-19th cc.


Ethnography – 18th c.


Filigranology – 19th-20th cc.

Fragmentology – 21st c.

Genealogy – 19th c.?


Historical Method

Historiography – 18th c.

Ice Core Dating – 20th c.


Narratology – 20th c.

Numismatics – 17th-19th cc.

Onomastics – 20th c.?

Paleography – 17th-19th cc.

Papyrology – 19th-20th cc.


Phaleristics – 19th c?

Philately – 18th-19th cc.

Philology – 18th c. (some 15th-17th c. effort)

Prosopography – 20th c.?

Radiometric Dating – 20th c.

Sphragistics – 17th-19th cc.


Toponymy – 19th-20th cc.

Vexillology – 20th c.

Studies By Century

15th century (2)

Area Studies (Kind of), Chorography

16th c. (1)


17th c. (4)

Diplomatics, Numismatics, Paleography, Sphragistics

18th c. (6)

Archeology, Epigraphy, Ethnography, Historiography, Philately, Philology

19th c. (8)

Anthropology, Cartography, Dendrochronology, Filigranology, Genealogy, Papyrology, Phaleristics, Toponymy

20th c. (10)

Archeography, Cliometrics, Codicology, Ice Core Dating, Narratology, Onomastics, Prosopography, Radiometric Dating, Vexillology

21st c. (1)


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