Cartography’s Definitions

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defined cartography as: “the science or art of making maps”[1] defined it as: “the production of maps, including construction of projections, design, compilation, drafting, and reproduction.”[2]

Lexico defined it as: “The science or practice of drawing maps.”[3]

Cartography’s Etymology

c.1847 – The allegedly earliest known use, defined as above.
“French cartographie, from carte card, map + -graphie -graphy”[1]

1855-1860 –  “<Latin c(h)art(a) carte + -o- + -graphy”[2]

“Mid 19th century from French cartographie, from carte ‘map, card’ (see card) + -graphie (see -graphy).”[3]

Cartography’s History

“In ancient Greece, world maps appeared in the sixth century BC when philosophers and mathematicians were attempting to overturn the old mythical schemes and to construct rational methods of the cosmos.”
– Christian Jacob (1996)[4, p.194]

“Mappaemundi in the Western Middle Ages were linked with a vision of God, looking at the world from God’s place and looking at God through the world he created.”
– Christian Jacob (1996)[4, p.194]

Recommended Reading

The History of Cartography –

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[4] – Jacob, Christian. “Toward a Cultural History of Cartography.” Imago Mundi, vol. 48, 1996, pp. 191–198. JSTOR, Accessed 8 Oct. 2020.

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