Ctruth Article of the Month List

Every month there is a poll available on the Ctruth Patreon channel that allows Ctruth patrons to vote on the topic for an article each month. This article contains the full collection of links to Ctruth Article of the Month articles. The order of items below is; Month, Topic, Article Title. February 2020: Art, Cesare… Continue Reading

Biography of Chang Dai-chien

“So prodigious was his virtuosity within the medium of Chinese ink and colour that it seemed he could paint anything. His output spanned a huge range, from archaising works based on the early masters of Chinese painting to the innovations of his late works which connect with the language of Western abstract art.” Jiazi, Chen;… Continue Reading

Biography of Robert Russell Newton

Robert Russell Newton (1918-1991) was an American physicist, astronomer, and historian of science. He is most commonly remembered for his works on Ptolemy being a fraud, and less commonly remembered for his works on the change of the rotation rate of the earth, and historical observations of eclipses. He was also the Supervisor of the… Continue Reading

Adam and Eve with Dr. Robert Price

These are my notes on the MythVision Podcast Here’s what nobody told you about Adam & Eve with Dr. Robert M. Price video. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Dr. Price talks about the proper and improper uses of the term “parallelomania”, which was coined by Rabbi Samuel Sandmel (1911-1979). He also provides… Continue Reading

Biography of Constantine Simonides

Constantine Simonides (1820-1890) was a paleographer and icon-dealer. He is remembered mostly for being the most “versatile forger” of the 19th century. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 1820 – He is born on the Greek island Symi. 1839-1841 – He lives in a monastery on Mount Athos. 1862 – His claim to have written the Codex… Continue Reading