Ctruth Goals

I created the Ctruth website on January 2nd, 2019. The reason why I created Ctruth was to organize my study into chronology more effectively, and also to be able to share those studies with other people more effectively. The ultimate goal of Ctruth is to provide educational and entertaining content about history, and also to help develop historical studies in general. I believe that achieving each of the goals in this article is the best way to go about achieving Ctruth’s ultimate goal.

Potentially the name of Ctruth will change again in the future. I might end up leaving this to the popular vote from my following after I complete goals 1-4.

Here’s the concise list of goals that is expanded upon in this article, listed with the goals I think will be easiest to achieve first, and the more difficult ones last.
Goal 1: Provide Edutainment & Community
Goal 2: Afford Basic Monthly Expenses
Goal 3: Afford Equipment Upgrades and Repairs
Goal 4: Afford Hiring Extra Help
Goal 5: Afford an Official Ctruth Office or Building
Goal 6: Turn Ctruth into a Thriving Business
Goal 7: Buy a Property and Build On It
Goal 8: Create a Ctruth Scholarship
Goal 9: Sponsor Archaeological Excavations
Goal 10: Sponsor Translations of Important Writings


Goal 1: Provide Edutainment & Community

Ctruth focuses on chronology and historical understanding. The ultimate goal of the Ctruth content is to allow practically any person to gain a comprehensive understanding of what chronology is and how it effects each and every one of us. It’s also to provide a place where virtually any person can come to ask history related questions to find answers.

Goal 2: Afford Basic Monthly Expenses

This goal will allow me to work on Ctruth full time without the need to work an unrelated job. In being able to spend more time focused on Ctruth, the amount of content will increase, as well as the quality of the content. Here are some ways you can help me achieve this goal:

Donate Directly

The quickest and easiest way is to donate directly through Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp. This allows you to donate directly without any recurring charges.


Patreon is a platform that allows you to make monthly pledges to gain access to exclusive content from creators. When you become a Ctruth patron on Patreon, you get access to exclusive Ctruth activities, benefits, and content, such as the complete Killing Time series where I discuss historical deceptions like forgeries and hoaxes. Patreon is great because it helps see how much I’ll be making from month to month.

Patreon is my preferred method for people who want to help financially and also for people who want to get access to a community of others who are supporting Ctruth too. Patreon is a lot like other social media, where I can post videos, polls, texts, etc. and you all can comment on them and interact with me and each other.

You can help me achieve Goal 2 by pledging today if you haven’t already.


Another, less consistent way to be able to do this full time is to get monetized on YouTube. To get monetized, the Ctruth YouTube channel needs 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 “public watch hours” within the past 12 months. As of right now (Sept. 2020), it has 296 subscribers and 503 public watch hours.

The way you can help with this is:
1 – subscribe to the Ctruth YouTube channel
2 – like the videos
3 – watch the videos from start to end without pausing them
4 – comment on the videos
5 – share the videos with others

I think number 3 is probably the most important of them all, even if you don’t sit there and watch the whole thing but just have it going in the background. It gives my video a greater chance to be featured in the suggested videos part of YouTube, and it also helps get the needed watch hours for monetization.

Ctruth Merchandise

Another way you can support Ctruth is by purchasing the Ctruth merch. I have a Teespring store, “The Ctruth Store”, available for anyone to buy from. I have t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, blankets, pillows, mugs, and stickers available there. As Ctruth grows, I’ll have more merchandise available.

Goal 3: Afford Equipment and Repairs

This goal will be achieved when I’m able to afford both my basic living expenses and also additional costs for Ctruth content creation. This is so I can afford things like computer repairs and upgrades, recording equipment, and content creation subscriptions. For example, the WordPress plan that I have right now costs around $100 a year. Another example is that the scholarly content resource Jstor offers monthly subscriptions for $20 and yearly subscriptions for $200. The more money that Ctruth makes, the more resources I’ll be able to afford to help create Ctruth content.

Goal 4: Afford Hiring Extra Help

I want to be able to hire people who specialize in video editing or animation production for help with Ctruth content. Hiring someone like that would free up my time to be able to pursue the core purpose of Ctruth, which is collecting that raw historical data that needs refinement for consumption. While I have been improving my video editing skills, it is significantly time consuming.

I also want to be able to hire people who can help with legal advice, help with keeping the website up-to-date, and people who can help conduct research. This goal can be met at the same time as goal 3, upgrades and repairs are needed from time to time, and so will affording extra help. Eventually I want to be able to hire Ctruth employees to help with everything full time.

Goal 5: Afford an Official Ctruth Office or Building

After the above goals are met, I want to be able to have an office or a building to go to where I can have a professional studio for recording. This will allow in better audio and visuals for the videos, and will give me a place to set up a proper recording studio.

In the case that Ctruth gets to the position to be able to hire employees, I’d want to have a building with offices for the employees, a meeting room, and a spot for a small library.

Goal 6: Turn Ctruth into a Thriving Business

By thriving business, I mean a business that allows me to:
– provide knowledge, education, entertainment, creative, and non-profit services
– afford my basic monthly expenses (rent, food, etc.)
– afford Ctruth equipment upgrades and repairs
– hire additional help for content production, such as video editors or animators
– afford an official Ctruth office or building
– establish a research team for the development of historical studies

Goal 6 is basically meeting all the above goals and running a successful business that allows me to support my family and offer employment to others for them to be able to support their families.

Goal 7: Buy a Property and Build On It

Goal 7 will be met when I buy a piece of land large enough to adequately contain a college, library, museum, garden, and observatory.

The College

I want to establish a college where students can come to get degrees in chronology and related subjects.

The Library

I want to establish a library where books about chronology and related subjects can be held.

The Museum

I want to establish a science museum that focuses on chronology and other related subjects.

The Garden

I want to establish a garden that has information available on the history of the plants contained within it.

The Observatory

I want to establish an observatory that can help develop studies in astronomy.

Goal 8: Create a Ctruth Scholarship.

I want to create a scholarship for people interested in pursuing a history related degrees.

Goal 9: Sponsor Archaeological Excavations

Too many artifacts get destroyed every year from urban development. I want to be able to fund excavations to be able to get as many excavated as possible. I would focus on sites under direct threat of destruction, because if they are going to be destroyed, we at least can try and salvage what we can before they are destroyed.

Also, I’d be interested in funding passing laws to protect historical sites to a greater degree. Ideally, emergency excavations would only be needing for emergencies caused by natural forces, opposed to human forces.

Goal 10: Sponsor Translations of Important Writings

There are a vast amount of fundamentally important writings pertaining to history that have never been translated to English. I want to be able to employ people full time to be able to have them translate these fundamental works.

Closing Thoughts

I don’t know how long it will take to achieve these goals, or if I ever will achieve these goals, but I believe I can and so I’m going to do what I can to achieve them. I ask you to help support my endeavor by doing what you can to help me achieve these goals. Thank you for reading this article.

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