Fomenko’s Mudflood and New Chronology

I’ve heard rumors that Fomenko avoids discussion of mudflood because he is a secret agent for the Russian government. I originally figured (and still do figure) that he never mentioned mudfloods due to them being a relatively recent discussion topic. I don’t remember hearing anything about them until at least around 2017 or 2018.

Anatoly Fomenko is a renowned mathematician who is lesser known for his New Chronology, an interdisciplinary approach to chronological studies. Check out my articles about it here if you haven’t heard anything about it yet. Fundamentally, it argues that human civilization dawned about 1000 years ago.

I made a post early on in my blog here about Mudfloods. From what I remember, there wasn’t much literature about mudfloods available, just a lot of videos with pictures and narrations. I did find the arguments being made based on the presentations interesting though, which is why I wrote the article.

Google Ngram viewer has no entries for Mudflood or Mudfloods, and Google Trends only goes back to 2004. Both have results for Mudslide/s. Given that Fomenko started his New Chronology research in the early 1970’s, it isn’t surprising to me that Mudflood wasn’t included in his original publications. I definitely do not think that his lack of inclusion is evidence of him being a secret agent.

However, I noticed today that Fomenko’s website has been updated to include the newest edition to his How It Was In Reality Series, namely, Exhibition Jerusalem.

“When Europeans in the 19th century searched for Jerusalem, they were mistaken, did not reach the place they were looking for, and stopped halfway. One of the reasons for this error was that in the 17th century Jerusalem pilgrims were covered with mudflow and buried under a four-meter layer of land. It was excavated only in the 20th century.” – A. T. Fomenko (Exhibition Jerusalem, 2020)

The quote above is based on Google Chrome’s page translation. I think there might be a more accurate translation, so if you can translate Russian to English, please comment suggestions on how to improve the quote. The book’s description and table of contents can be found here.

While the term mudflood is not exactly used, mudflow is arguably synonymous for describing human constructions which have been buried under 13 feet of land by a flow of mud. Here’s a National Geographic YouTube video that shows what a small mudflood/flow/slide can do.

Fomenko doesn’t comment on a worldwide mudflood, but he does mention the loss of a major city due to a mudflow. I’m inclined to believe that he is either unaware of/uninterested in the mudflood research out there, and that this is due to the lack of professional and concise information, rather than him being a secret agent. Maybe he mentioned the mudflow in order to throw the scent off of him being a government agent (which I don’t think he is). Why do you think Fomenko hasn’t commented directly on the mudflood topic? Let me know.

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