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Hi, my name is Stephen and I’m the creator of Ctruth. As of writing this sentence that you’re currently reading, I’ve been working on this website for about 2 years. This article is designed to help you get the most out of my website.

Ctruth is short for Chronologytruth, and Chronologytruth is the name I’ve given to my exploration into historical studies. I define chronology as either “the study of time” or “the order of past events” and truth as “that which corresponds to reality”. I do my best to make sure Ctruth has information about the study of time and the order of past events that corresponds as closely to reality as possible.

I allow comments on every single page of my website for a number of reasons. One, so people can share more information on any article that doesn’t already have that info. Two, so people can correct information on any article that they think has incorrect info. Three, so people can share their thoughts, be them positive or negative. I love connecting with people from across the world and would love to hear how you found out about my website. Let me know what brought you here in the comments on this article.

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