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Hi, my name is Stephen and I’m the creator of Ctruth. This article is designed to help you get the most out of my website. There is a list of 6 links below that explain the basics of Ctruth and how to navigate the website. Please check those out.

This article is a short read. The sections below are ordered: About, Interests, Community, Commenting, Links.



I started this website on January 2nd, 2019 as a way to better organize and share my historical studies. I’ve learned a lot since I started Ctruth and I plan on continuing this for as long as possible. Ctruth is short for ChronologyTruth and ChronologyTruth is the name I’ve given to the content I produce that is based upon my studies, especially historical studies. I define chronology as either “the science of time” or “the order of past events” and truth as “that which corresponds to reality”. I do my best to make sure Ctruth has information about the study of time and the order of past events that corresponds as closely to reality as possible.

Read more About Ctruth:



Among other topics, some of my favorites to learn and make content about are:

  • Scholarship & Pseudoscholarship
  • False information studies
  • History and its auxiliary sciences
  • Human error & correction


I want to keep building a community of people interested in the sciences and humanities that is comfortable and safe for its members. This means that I do not approve of bullying, trolling, or doxxing members within the community or people outside of it. Please do not bring that here. Constructive criticism is welcome. Destructive criticism is not. If you think that I or someone else is engaging in any of those three actions within the limits of the group (e.g. the website, the Patreon channel, the YouTube channel, the Facebook page, etc…), please contact me about it as soon as possible.

I also want this community to help fight against the generation and propagation of false information. Disinfo and misinfo harm our ability to accurately perceive reality.



Commenting is available on every single page of my website for a number of reasons. One, so people can share more information on any article that doesn’t already have that info. Two, so people can correct information on any article that they think has incorrect info. Three, so people can share their thoughts, be them positive or negative. I love connecting with people from across the world and would love to hear how you found out about my website. Let me know what brought you here in the comments on this article.

There is currently an issue with the commenting that I am working to resolve. The issue is that messages which are not spam are getting marked as spam. This means it may take some time for me to review and approve your comment until I resolve this inconvenience.



Here’s a list of articles that will help you understand what this website is and how to use it:

Ways To Explore The Website:

History Basics:

Chronology Basics:

How To Become A Ctruth Volunteer:

Ctruth Goals:

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2 Comments on “Start Here

  1. Hi Steve I happened upon you while researching alternative timelines. You were on myth visions (who I stumbled upon when discovering you) It was refreshing finally finding someone else that’s not only passionate about the subject, but eager to share what you’ve learned, like Formenkos work and go the extra mile and sharing and talking about it. There’s not very many outlets easily attainable in this subject. I believe I heard a guy talking about it on one of my YouTube channels A call for an uprising…I believe. Just wanted to say, hi and maybe we can connect in the future and go over some things. Btw…I’m a flat Earther!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rob, MythVision Podcast is great. It’s one of the only ones I listen to on the regular anymore. I’m glad you found my website and I thank you for commenting 🙂

      I’m not a flat earther but I can kind of understand why you (and many others) are. If you want to connect and go over some things, comment again with some topics for discussion so I can get an idea on what you want to talk about. Again, thanks for commenting, and welcome to my website


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