Ways To Explore The Website

The Ctruth website is run by one person, me, Stephen. I have tried to organize it to the best of my ability but I think it’s still a bit of a mess for anyone who isn’t me. That’s why I’m writing this article to provide a guide for anyone who wants to know my favorite ways to get around the site.

There are five main ways to explore the site and I list them from my favorite to my least favorite. Here’s the concise list:
1 – Search the site
2 – Archives
3 – The Blog
4 – Top Posts & Pages/Recent Posts
5 – The Menu

For the widgets, they can be found on the right side of a page if you’re viewing on desktop. If you’re on mobile, the widgets can be found after the comment section at the end of each article. Widgets are available on every page except for the homepage.

Search the site

I think the best way to get around the website is by using its “Search the site” widget. Searching the entire site for a key word or phrase is the fastest way to find what you’re looking for.

Again, widgets can be found on every page (including this one) except for the homepage.


The “Archives” widget allows you to see a list of all the articles from a particular month. This can be useful for seeing what new articles I published and when.

The Blog

The blog is almost the same thing as the archive widget but it’s one continuous list of every article from now reaching back to the beginning of Ctruth.

Top Posts & Pages/Recent Posts

Top Posts & Pages is another widget. Same for recent posts. Top Posts & Pages lets you see what other people have been looking at. I enjoy the widget because sometimes articles I haven’t seen for awhile will show up and I’ll be reminded to check them out again. It’s also cool to me to see what everyone else has been interested in recently. The Recent Posts widget is useful to for seeing what I’ve posted over the past 5 days.

The Menu

The Menu is located at the top of each webpage on my site. It contains 6 sections: Home, Ctruth, Fomenko’s New Chronology, World History, Think Well, and Contact.

1 – Home brings you to the homepage of the website @ www.ctruth.today.

2 – Ctruth contains the main links to information about Ctruth such as “About Ctruth“, “Ctruth Goals“, and “Ctruth Patrons“.

3 – Fomenko’s New Chronology contains the main links to information about Fomenko’s New Chronology such as “The History of Fomenko’s New Chronology“, “Bibliography of Fomenko’s New Chronology“, and “Examining Fomenko’s New Chronology“.

4 – World History contains the main links to information about the whole study of history from all parts of the world such as “Historical Methods and Studies” and “History Basics“.

5 – Think Well contains links to a project that I currently have on pause. Its function was and is to promote accurate thoughts and speech through the study of cognitive biases and logical fallacies.

6 – Contact contains the Ctruth email (Chronologytruth@gmail.com) so that you can privately contact me whenever you want.

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