Ctruth Patrons

This article contains the public list of Ctruth Patrons. Some Patrons may not be included if they have opted out of being included here.

Patreon is a membership platform based in the United States that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service. Ctruth is a content creator on Patreon and offers a plethora of benefits for its various tiers of patrons.

All Ctruth Patrons get to choose a topic for a special article when they become a Ctruth Patron. To see what articles have been chosen by Ctruth Patrons, check here. On occasion, there are also special events that grant Ctruth Patrons the same benefit.

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Being a patron for Ctruth is wonderful. In being a patron, you are given exclusive content and benefits while also supporting Ctruth. Your interactions and pledges are cherished to the fullest extent by Ctruth, and are used to keep the production of Ctruth content going.

Ctruth gives a sincere thanks to all of its Patrons.

The current Ctruth Patrons are:

1 – Seppo Pakonen
2 – Faith
3 – Carleene
4 – Mario
5 – Heretic
6 – S. B. Alger
7 – Anon
8 -Anon
9 – Anon
10 – Dave G
11 – Anon


Thank you to the first 5 people to become Ctruth patrons.
You will forever be a special part of Ctruth history.

1 – Seppo Pakonen
2 – Faith
3 – Molly
4 – Carleene
5 – Mario


Gain access to exclusive Ctruth activities, benefits, and content @

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