About Ctruth

Ctruth is short for Chronologytruth, and Chronologytruth is the name that I, Stephen Sorensen, gave to my exploration into historical studies. Fundamentally, Ctruth studies what people have thought about history and why they have thought it. I define chronology as either “the study of time” or “the order of past events” and truth as “that which corresponds to reality”. I want Ctruth to have information about the study of time and the order of past events that corresponds as closely to reality as possible and I do my best to include that information.

I allow comments on every single page of my website for a number of reasons. One, so people can share more information on any article that doesn’t already have that info. Two, so people can correct information on any article that they think has incorrect info. Three, so people can share their thoughts, be them positive or negative. I love connecting with people from across the world and would love to hear how you found out about my website. Let me know what brought you here in the comments on this article.

Ctruth was largely inspired by a desire to validate or invalidate the works in Fomenko’s New Chronology. Due to this, there are a good number of Ctruth articles that focus specifically on Fomenko’s New Chronology. Ctruth has not yet reached an official verdict as to how much of Fomenko’s works are valid or invalid.

I have a big vision for Ctruth and you can see it @ Ctruth Goals.

History of Ctruth

January 2nd, 2019: I created Ctruth. Originally it was called ChronologyTruth.

January 2020: I changed the name from ChronologyTruth to Ctruth. There were multiple reasons for this name change. The main reason for the change was that having a shorter name makes for easier remembering and quicker typing. The second reason is that I wanted to put more emphasis on Truth. Identifying the true from the false and learning the Truth of what really happened in the past is of the utmost importance to me, and therefore also to Ctruth. The third reason is that I enjoyed the double entendre of Ctruth; where Ctruth means both ChronologyTruth and See truth. The fourth reason I went with the change is that eclipses are important in chronological studies, and the C slightly resembles a circle (star/light) being eclipsed by truth. Essentially saying that the truth is lit up by the light, or is moving into the light. Also, as with any eclipse, you need to be careful when observing it.

The motto for Ctruth originally was “Uncovering the Truth about Chronology” but was changed with the domain name change to “See the Truth about Chronology Today”. This isn’t to say that I’ve completely uncovered the truth of chronology but was more-so to make the motto fit the new name as well as to welcome anyone to join me in analyzing chronological studies. I’m still open to brainstorming a motto that will better represent the Ctruth project but I think the current one is fitting.

September 28th, 2020: I made the current Ctruth logo.

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