About Ctruth

I, Stephen Sorensen, established Ctruth on January 2nd, 2019 to better organize and share my studies into history. It has served its purpose because my studies have become increasingly more developed and organized, and I’ve been able to reach way more people than ever before. I plan on continuing my studies and building Ctruth. I have a big vision for Ctruth and you can read about it at Ctruth Goals. Stated simply, Ctruth is the collection of content that I’ve created based on my studies into history.

The overarching reason that I created Ctruth was that I had a large collection of notes and ideas pertaining to various academic subjects (with a focus on history) and I wanted to better organize them but also share them more easily with other people. A website seemed like a practical solution for both of these wants. The ability to correct mistakes in articles or expand on specific topics indefinitely was appealing to me. Additionally, I liked that it’d be easy for people to see the content and potentially correct it if it was wrong. That’s one of the reasons why I have commenting available on every page of my website. I have not yet put any part of my website behind a paywall and I don’t think I ever will. I want people to have easy access to this information because I think it’s useful for studying the vast subject that is History.

Although I do not have any of the website behind a paywall, I do have a Ctruth subscription based channel on Patreon that gives you access to exclusive Ctruth activities, benefits, and content for as low as $1/month. Aside from donating directly, Patreon is my recommended method of support in the case that you do want to help support my endeavor to study history and create content based on those studies. Every donation helps and goes into improving Ctruth and making sure I can continue studying and creating.

Ctruth was largely inspired by a desire to validate or invalidate the various claims and conclusions found within Fomenko’s New Chronology, a controversial theory that is some 50 years in the making that indicates human civilization dawned around 1200 years ago, which is in opposition to the popularly held belief that human civilization dawned approximately 5000 years or more ago. Due to this inspiration, there are a good number of Ctruth articles that focus specifically on Fomenko’s New Chronology. I have yet to reach an official verdict as to how much of it is valid or invalid.

History of Ctruth

January 2nd, 2019: I created Ctruth. Originally it was called ChronologyTruth. I may potentially change the name again in the future but as of right now, I have no plans on changing the name any time soon.

January 2020: I changed the name from ChronologyTruth to Ctruth. There were multiple reasons for this name change. The main reason for the change was that having a shorter name makes for easier remembering and quicker typing. The second reason is that I wanted to put more emphasis on truth. Identifying the true from the false and learning the truth of what really happened in the past is important to me because what we believe to be true influences how we see the world. The third reason is that I enjoyed the double entendre of Ctruth; where Ctruth means both ChronologyTruth and See truth. The fourth reason I went with the change is that eclipses are important in chronological studies, and the C slightly resembles a circle (star/light) being eclipsed by truth. Essentially saying that the truth is lit up by the light, or is moving into the light.

The motto for Ctruth originally was “Uncovering the Truth about Chronology” but was changed with the domain name change to “See the Truth about Chronology Today”. This wasn’t to say that I’d completely uncovered the truth about chronology but was more-so to make the motto fit the new name. I also thought it was more inviting than the previous one and I do invite everyone to check out my content on history.

The original motto was a summary of how I viewed what I was doing pertaining to historical studies. I saw myself as uncovering the truth about chronology for myself and for others. When I changed it to the second motto, I still saw myself in the same way but I really wanted more people to get involved too.

2020, Spring: I stepped up my study methods and content creation. I started citing my sources much more thoroughly and I made serious improvements to the layout of the website.

September 28th, 2020: I published the current Ctruth logo.

December 1st, 2020: The Ctruth website passed the 50,000 views mark. I give thanks to everyone who visited.

December 4th, 2020: I updated the motto to “Seeking the truth about chronology today”. I’m seeking the truth and I want other people too as well. Two reasons I made this change is because I think it harkens back to the original motto more closely than the second one. I also liked that I’d be able to keep the “C” in the motto, as in “C”king the truth about chronology.

January 23rd, 2021: The Ctruth YouTube channel passed the 500 subscribers mark. Thanks goes out to everyone who helped get it there.

October 10th, 2021: The Ctruth website passed the 100,000 views mark. Thank you everyone who visited.

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