About Ctruth

“Only when a perplexing question has been identified and correctly stated does profitable study of history begin.”
– Carter Victor Good (1897-1997),
(Some Problems of Historical Criticism and Historical Writing, 1942) [p.141]

“The fundamental question is what actually happened and how we know it.”
– Laurence Lee Howe
(Historical Method and Legal Education, 1950) [p.353]

“Indeed, it requires that all “facts” shall be subject to question, and the progress of historiography demands that the whole body of fact and interpretation shall be continually retested and re-evaluated.”
– Laurence Lee Howe (1907-1982), Phd in History,
(Historical Method and Legal Education, 1950) [p.349]

Perplexing means “completely baffling” or “very puzzling”. Aside from the fundamental question of what happened and how we know what happened, I believe “What are the fundamentals of the ancient (earliest times to c.500 AD), medieval (c.500-1500), and modern (c.1500-1800) chronologies?” is a question that is worthy of being described as perplexing. Answering this question is one of the core goals of the Ctruth project. There are to be no stones left unturned, no questions left unasked, and no areas left unexplored.

Ctruth was officially created by me, Stephen Sorensen, on January 2, 2019. It was originally called ChronologyTruth but the name was changed in January, 2020. There were multiple reasons for this name change. The main reason for the change was that having a shorter name makes for easier remembering and quicker typing. The second reason is that I wanted to put more emphasis on Truth. Identifying the true from the false and learning the Truth of what really happened in the past is of the utmost importance to Ctruth. The third reason is that I enjoyed the double entendre of Ctruth; where Ctruth means both ChronologyTruth and See truth. The fourth reason I went with the change is that eclipses are of special interest in my studies, and the C slightly resembles a circle (star/light) being eclipsed by truth. Essentially saying that the truth is lit up by the light, or is moving into the light. Also, as with any eclipse, you need to be careful when observing it.

The motto for Ctruth originally was “Uncovering the Truth about Chronology” but was changed with the domain name change to “See the Truth about Chronology Today”. This isn’t to say that I’ve completely uncovered the truth of chronology but was more-so to make the motto fit the new name. I’m still brainstorming a motto that will best represent the Ctruth project. Although, to answer the question “What is the truth about chronology?”, the truth about chronology is that it becomes increasingly more uncertain the further back in time you go.

The drive to more critically investigate chronology, and subsequently to create Ctruth, was largely inspired by a desire to validate or invalidate the works in Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology. Due to this, there are a good number of Ctruth articles that focus specifically on Fomenko’s New Chronology. Ctruth has not yet reached an official verdict as to how much of Fomenko’s works are valid or invalid.

The Ctruth website has a comment section on almost every single page. If you have any questions or comments, you can post them near the bottom of the page or you can send them in an email to ChronologyTruth@gmail.com. The website gets updated nearly daily in order to be more and more user-friendly.

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