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Ctruth explores chronology (the order of past events) and creates academically entertaining content designed for both laypeople and scholars. It does this by employing critical methods of investigation towards as many sources as possible, and then presenting the collected information in a way that is entertaining, yet fundamentally educational. Ctruth’s History: Methods, Studies, and History… Continue Reading

List of Biblical Books

This article contains a list of Biblical books. Listed first are the Old Testament books, then the New Testament books, then the Apocrypha books. Links will be added to each book when their relevant articles are published on this website. The list currently contains a total of 84 books. Old Testament books;1 – Genesis2 –… Continue Reading

Stephen Sorensen

Stephen Sorensen is the creator of ChronologyTruth. Below is a collection of links to Stephen Sorensen’s profiles across the internet. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Alternate History Astronomy Forum Academia.edu Coursera EdX.org Facebook Historum Khan Academy LinkedIn Math Forums Mathematics, Stack Exchange My Math Forum Physics Discussion Forum Science Forums * StolenHistory World Historia International Community… Continue Reading