Examining Fomenko’s New Chronology


This article contains the links to my detailed examination of Fomenko’s New Chronology and the overall grade that I’ve given it. This examination is essentially where I lay out which parts of Fomenko’s New Chronology I agree with and which parts I don’t. Below is the history of my examination followed by the examination itself, the grading scale I use, references, links to donate and get more Ctruth content, and at the end of this article is a note about Fomenko’s citations.


I began this structured exam in September 2020 and published the first part on September 15th, 2020. I started at the beginning of Volume 1 of History: Fiction or Science?, which is the first book in the 7 volume series that delivers the most recent update to information in Fomenko’s New Chronology.

I continued through the book in Examinations 1-4 (Section 1). Examination 5 (Section 2) is when I first broke from the original plan of going through the information in the order it was presented. I did this because I was curious about the validity of an alleged refutation of Fomenko’s information that was being used on the Russian Wikipedia page for FNC.

Section 3 focuses on Fomenko’s content that deals with carbon dating and section 4 on archaeological methods.


The Exam

The following grade is a close estimation of my thoughts on how much the information presented in the works of Fomenko’s New Chronology is supported. It is not indicative of how much of his reconstruction I agree with. As far as his reconstruction goes, I’m largely agnostic about its validity and am open to discussing the claims point by point.

Fomenko’s current overall grade: 212/241, 87.96%, B+, 3.3 GPA[1]

The examination’s completion: 241/311, 77.49%

“Completion/completed” is the word I use to refer to the number of claims I’ve determined to be supported or contradicted. The grade is based on the determined claims. Undetermined claims mean that the grade is incomplete. Lastly, all claims (determined or undetermined) are subject to be changed when information that calls for such an action is presented.

To determine if a claim is supported or contradicted, I look at Fomenko’s citations and at other citations for information that either supports and/or contradicts the claim.

The above grade does not necessarily reflect the most up to date score. It is close, but as I make small edits to existing articles, I don’t update it. When I drop a new article, I retally everything to get a new grade.

Section 1 – The History of Chronology

Section 1 deals mostly with the history of chronology and the history of Fomenko’s New Chronology.

Section 1 totals:
Grade: 74/81, 91.35%, A-, 3.7 GPA
Completed: 81/102, 79.41%

1 – Basics of Chronology: Dating is Important
Grade: 6/6, 100%
Completed: 6/6, 100%

2 – Basics of Chronology: Eusebius, Jerome, Scaliger, Petavius
Grade: 31/34, 91.17%
Completed: 34/42, 80.95%

3 – Forerunners to Fomenko’s New Chronology: Hardouin, Baldauf, Morozov, Johnson
Grade: 7/7, 100%
Completed: 7/8, 87.5%

4 – Forerunner Isaac Newton
Grade: 28/32, 87.5%
Completed: 32/47, 68.08%

Section 2 – Russian Manuscripts

5 – The Radziwill Chronicle
Grade: 14/14, 100%, A+
Completed: 14/17, 82.35%

Section 3 – Radiocarbon Dating

Section 3 is devoted to Fomenko’s works that deal with radiocarbon dating.

Section 3 totals:
Grade: 96/114, 84.21%, B, 3.0 GPA
Completed: 114/155, 73.54%

6 – Origins of Carbon Dating & Its Problems
Ch., Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 19/24, 79.16%, C+
Completed: 24/29, 82.75%

7 – Carbon Dating Mollusks, Seals, Trees, & Other Material. Also Criticizing Methodology
Ch, Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 9/12, 75%, C
Completed: 12/13, 92.3%

8 – Carbon Dating the Shroud of Turin
Ch. 1.15.2, Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 13/21, 61.9%, D-
Completed: 21/40, 67.56%

9 – Carbon Dating a Mummy & Its Wrap
Ch. 1.15.3, Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 8/9, 88.88%, B+
Completed: 9/11, 81.81%

10 – Libby’s Hypotheses & the Basics of Radiocarbon Dating
Ch. 1.16.1-1.16.3, Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 35/36, 97.22%, A+
Completed: 36/40, 90%

11 – The Exchange Reservoir, Contamination, & Sample Preparation
Ch. 1.16.4, Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 12/12, 100%, A+
Completed: 12/22, 54.54%

Section 4 – Archeological Method

Section 4 deals with Fomenko’s works on archeological method.

Section 4 totals:
Grade: 22/28, 78.57%, C+
Completed: 28/40, 70%

12 – Critiquing Dating Based on Aesthetics
Ch. 1.13-1.13.1, Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 19/21, 90.47%, A-
Completed: 21/30, 70%

13 – The Decay Rate of Monuments & Buildings
Ch. 1.13.3, Vol. 1, History: FICTION OR SCIENCE?
Grade: 3/7, 42.85%, F
Completed: 7/10, 70%


The Scale

Due to there being a chance of the scale I’m using being taken off the internet, I provide it here.

Letter GradePercentage GradeGrade Point Average (GPA)


[1] – https://achs.edu/grading-scale. Accessed 1 Oct. 2020.

[2] – http://chronologia.org/lit_nx.html. Accessed 29 Mar. 2021.

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A Note

Fomenko has a list of his references available on his website that is useful for checking his citations.[2] The number of references goes up to 1,492. This number is especially important to Fomenko’s New Chronology because it represents the date 1492 Anno Domini, the year a great number of medieval populations believed the Apocalypse would occur, according to Fomenko’s book, “The Number of the Beast: When the Apocalypse Was Written“.

The significance is that 1492 AD corresponds with 7000 AM (anno Mundi). According to my own studies into AM dating, there are only a number of groups who would be expecting the year 7000 in 1492 and those are the Byzantines, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Greek Church and the ancient Greeks. Check my Anno Mundi Reference List here: https://ctruth.today/2019/01/28/anno-mundi-reference-list/

There are references in his list that share the same base number but then fracture down into additional citations. For example, [1055] is coupled with [1055:1]. The two citations don’t appear to me to share any reason for being coupled together. Another example can be seen in [358], [358:1], and [358.2]. The second two are related citations but to me they are not related at all to the first one. There are more examples but two are enough for here.

Given the oddities in the references (the strange coupling and the #1492), I think there’s reason to suspect that the number 1492 is a cryptic message. It’s a reference to the Apocalypse in Fomenko’s New Chronology. I don’t know if he states anywhere why the references are the way they are. I don’t remember ever seeing an explanation like that anywhere while I was looking around. I haven’t even heard this brought up anywhere else to my knowledge.

I have a few ideas as to what the message would be. The first idea is the least sinister and it is that maybe the message is a statement about how Fomenko’s New Chronology is the Apocalypse for popular historical conceptions. The second is maybe that’s his tell for it being a joke, and it’s the End for his own works on New Chronology. The third idea is that maybe it’s an Apocalypse for the readers, destined to destroy the minds of all who read it.

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