CIA Document on National Cultural Development Under Communism

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This is my review of the CIA’s document titled, ‘NATIONAL CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT UNDER COMMUNISM’ (1). I have seen this document used on multiple occasions to try and prove that Anatoly T. Fomenko is a government agent that is purposefully falsifying history for the support of Soviet Russia. My conclusion is that using this article to support such a claim is futile, and overall that such a claim is not true.

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‘NATIONAL CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT UNDER COMMUNISM’ by an unknown author (to me), contains information about events that took place between the early stages of communism and the article’s date of publication in 1957. The central theme is the effects of broken Communist promises on minorities in the Soviet Union. A brief summary of each page of the entire article is as follows;

Cover page;
contains title, publication date, and date approved for release.

Page 1;
discusses Bolsheviks lying to minorities in hopes of gaining success in the revolution.
The 4 base principles of the Council of People’s Commissars.
The Tsarist regime appeared as the chief enemy of the Muslims and Bolsheviks, so the two cooperated.

Page 2;
discusses details of suppression of Muslim governments by the Red Army and Russian rule.
Bolsheviks betray Muslims.

Page 3;
discusses details of laws against practicing Islam.
Gives data on numbers of existing mosques in pre- and post- communist eras.

Page 4;
continues discussion of suppression.
Reiterates that Communists broke their promises .

Page 5;
discusses details of how representation of Islam and its major figures are changed by Communists from a positive light to a negative light.

Page 6;
discusses use of language amongst minorities.

Page 7;
discusses introduction of mandatory learning of Russian language.
Russian language comes to dominate all spheres of Soviet life.
A quote which I cannot fully read due to printing over by the CIA.

Page 8;
discusses changing alphabets and scripts.
Limited production of Islamic texts.
Communists ridiculing native stories.

Page 9;
discusses falsifying Tartar and other histories.
More mention of turning once favored heroes into villains.

Page 10;
discusses the liquidation of Muslim Crimean, Tartars, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Karachai, and Buddhist Kalmyk people.

Page 11;
reiterates that Communists broke their promises and are suppressing minorities, especially Muslim

Page 12;
is the last part of the final paragraph beginning on Page 11 that calls for unity amongst Muslims against Communism

Page 13;
a list of 15 sources

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Here are the 15 sources found on Page 13;


1 – I.V. Kluchnikov and A. Sabanin (eds.), Mezhdunarodnaya politika noveishege vremeni v dogovorakh, notakh i deklaratsiakh (Moscow, 1925-28), II, p. 94-96.

2 – Sir Olaf Caroe, Soviet Empire. The Turks of Central Asia and Stalinism (London, 1953, p. 105.

3 – V. Lenin, Selected Works (New York, 1943), II, p.284

4 – Gazeta Rabochego i Krestyanskogo Pravitelstva, 23 January 1918 /Old Style/.

5 – I.V. Stalin, Sochineniya (Moscow, 1947), IV, p. 395-6.

6 – Stalin, Marxism and the National and Colonial Question (New York, 1942), p. 84-85.

7 – See Mustafa Chokaev, “Souvenirs de Turkestan,” Promethee (Paris), (1938-39)

8 – S.P. Tolstov, On the Traces of the Ancient Civilization of Khwarezm (Moscow, 1949), p. 221-22.

9 – Stalin, Marxism and the National and Colonial Question, p. 269.

10 – See Richard Pipes, The Formation of the Soviet Union: Communism and Nationalism, 1917-1923 (Cambridge, Mass., 1954), p. 273-77. Full text also in Leon Trotsky, Stalin, (London, 1947), p. 361-63

11 – Quoted in Caroe, op. cit., p. 156

12 – Walter Kolarz, Russia and her Colonies (New York, 1952), p. 39, quoting Propagandist, No. 13/14, 1944, p. 22.

13 – Columbia University Russian Institute, The Anti-Stalin Campaign and International Communism (New York, 1956), p. 57.

14 – Stalin, Marxism and the National and Colonial Question, p. 18.

15 – Stalin, Sochineniya, III, p. 209.

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This article does not prove that Anatoly Fomenko is a government agent. This article does not prove that Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology is Soviet Russian propaganda.

The only two pages that may be applicable to A.T. Fomenko and his works are Pages 8 and 9. To refute the idea that these two pages may be applicable, I make note here that Fomenko’s works do not cast all of Russian history in a favorable light which has been falsified “in order to eliminate references to Great Russian aggressions…”. In fact, a great deal of historical confusion has been attributed to Russian by Fomenko’s works. If you are to try and use this document to prove Fomenko is using the Communist tactics presented in this article, you may wish to find another which does not argue the exact opposite of that which you maintain.

The loose and contradictory accusations against Fomenko which are being justified by this document are just that, loose and contradictory.

This document seems to mainly be focused at emphasizing Communist offenses against muslims and at stimulating Muslim unity against the Communist parties. It was written and published some twenty years before Fomenko got into history.

My closing conclusions are as follows;
If A.T. Fomenko is in fact using Communist tactics for a purposeful falsification of history, this article does not contain details on such tactics.
If A.T. Fomenko is using Communist tactics for a purposeful falsification of history, the methods which existed in the first half of the 20th century differ radically from the methods employed in the second half of the 20th century. This article seems to me to suggest that the methods employed by A.T. Fomenko are radically different, if not completely opposite, of the ones employed by the early 20th century Communists. Therefore, A.T. Fomenko is not using Communist tactics that are known about today (by me and everyone I’ve talked to).


[1] – Central Intelligence Agency. “NATIONAL CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT UNDER COMMUNISM” (June, 1957). Approved For Release 1999/08/24: CIA-RDP78-02771R000200090002-6. Accessed 21 Apr. 2022.

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2 Comments on “CIA Document on National Cultural Development Under Communism

  1. Where is this actual document? Neither your link nor searching through CIA documents give any document by this name.

    The closest you can get is “COMMUNIST CULTURAL AND PROPAGANDA ACTIVITIES IN THE LESS DEVELOPED COUNTRIES” which was also released in 98 but is not at all the document your citing.

    Please provide reference to your actual source document.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It looks like the old link had expired. I’ve updated the article to include a more thorough citation as well as a working link. Let me know if you have any other problems or concerns


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