Origins of Religions In Fomenko’s New Chronology

This article is a brief introduction to the origins of the major world religions according to Fomenko’s New Chronology. This article is primarily based upon the findings presented in 5.5 of ‘How It Was In Reality’.[0]

Development of Religions According to Fomenko’s New Chronology

The oldest form of religion is ancestral worship. This may be the only religion we know about which predates Ancient Christianity. Ancient Christianity was created and adopted during and around the time of Christ in the 12th century.

Ancient Christianity flourished originally as the Royal Christianity and later as became known under two distinct branches; Royal and Apostolic. These two types of Christianity spread throughout the Great Empire. Ancient Christianity splintered in the 15th-16th centuries into the major religions that we know today; Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Catholicism.

Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity likely resembles the original ancient Christianity of the 12th-14th centuries more than the rest of the other major religions. According to a 2010 Pew Research Center study (1), it is estimated that about 12% of Christians in 2010 were Orthodox, compared to an estimated 20% of Christians in 1910 as being Orthodox. Most of these Orthodox Christians between 1910 and 1920 lived in Europe.


Islam in its early stages also remained similar to Ancient Christianity. Both Orthodox Christianity and Islam were originally highly ascetic and today still are in some areas.


Buddhism is the main reflection that can be seen in countries throughout the Eastern nations. Hinduism also falls into the Eastern category.


Judaism was originally a form of the Royal Christianity. It can both found in the West and the East. However, the original Judaism went through drastic changes before obtaining the final form of which we see today.


Catholicism stems from the original religion and was mainly in West. The ancient bacchanalian Greek and Roman gods represent the Catholic Church of the 1400s-1600s. One result of their behavior were the large outbreaks of disease across Western Europe. These were named venereal diseases after the Roman goddess of love Venus. Catholic, or Capholic, used to refer to the entire Empire, but throughout the 1500s-1600s, the use of this name shifted to refer only to Western Europe.

The Rest of the Religions

The rest of the religions splintered from these 5 main religions; Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Catholicism.

The origin of religions may be represented more accurately by the chart found in my primary resource. I have translated the chart into English so that the non-Russian reading English readers may quickly understand its contents.

Origin chart found @ (4)

As is seen above, the ancient Christianity is the original religion. The only known religion prior to that is the worship of ancestors. Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Catholicism fracture off from the root Christianity, only acquiring their final forms after the start of the 1500s. These five religions, based upon the ancient Christianity, give way to many hundreds of which we see today.

Development of Religions According More-so to Popular Opinion

‘The Evolutionary Tree of Religion’

According to the Quora,[3] there are now over 4,200 recognized religions across the world. According to ‘The Evolutionary Tree of Religion’,[4] all religion stems from animal worship. It claims that animism is the only known religion from 10,000-100,000 year back. The ‘Tree’ shows Judaism starting in 950 BCE, Buddhism starting in 520 BCE, Christianity starting in 33 CE, Islam starting in 620 CE, Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Christianity starting in 1054 CE. These dates are all based upon the general scheme of history largely established by Scaliger in the late 16th and early 17th century.

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10 Comments on “Origins of Religions In Fomenko’s New Chronology

      • First thing Royal Christianity never existed total and complete fabrication of the new chronology fantasy. Judaism was the the first Abrahamic religion that emerged among sometime in the iron age. From it spawned the Christian church which was a out growth of second temple Judaism messianic cults among second temples Jews under Roman rule were common. until Paul come along it was basically just another sect of the Jews. Catholicism is completely unrelated to Greco Roman wine god worship. I cannot understand how anybody hold that view and no they were not spreading STDs the catholic chruch has strict rules on sex before the reforms of the 1960s. foreplay was a sin. And Buddhism is a offshoot of Vedic thought.


  1. I do not have a full manuscript anywhere or something like that. Am just a big History Lingustics and Historical genetics nerd. I stumbled upon Fomenko and I was just floored by his ignorance. He gets so much wrong like how he proved Chinese history was copied because a few central Asian tribes names sound like European groups. I can use the same logic to prove the history of the world is ripped of from Israel using similar logic Naphtali and Benjamin kinda sound like Nepal and Bangladesh. Dan sounds like Denmark ect.
    If you want to review something Just ask me something about his work on linguistics and history. Note history is more my strong suit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s ok. Do you write much beyond the comment section? I ask because it looks to me like you have a big interest in historical studies. I found when I started writing things out it helped me organize my thoughts better. I’d be interested in checking out your website or wherever you post if you do that anywhere.

      Fomenko’s comments on historical interpretation and linguistics are based on his chronological studies. What’s your background in math, physics, and astronomy?

      Sorry for two questions in one comment but I am interested in your responses to both of them


      • My specialty is not in math and astronomy but actually people with credentials in the field have published large refutations to his work. The closest you can get to me haveing A website is my reddit account Jumboseafood But I rarely talk about fomenko on it

        Liked by 1 person

      • Can you post some of those refutations in your next comment? I do have a list of argument against Fomenko’s New Chronology – If I haven’t seen the ones you’re referencing yet, I’d like to get them on that list


    • The IHS (Greek ΥΗΣ) symbol used by the Church and the Jesuits the first letters of the Latin term “Jesu Hominum Salvator.” It’s original usage concerned Bacchus(Dionysus) and a cryptogram for “In Hoc Signo.” Greek ΥΗΣ numerical value (608) signifies, is emblematic of the sun and constituted the sacred and concealed name of Bacchus. Bacchus was literally the god of wine and ecstasy. Bacchus cults were known for eunics. There was a Cybelle cult that had its male members cut it off to show their allegiance. The Jesuit Order serves the Catholic Church. If you are somebody in this world chances are you were jesuit educated.


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