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Pompeii: Lost for 1,684 Years or Known through the Ages?

A popular notion has entrenched itself in the minds of the general public. The notion is that the city of Pompeii in Italy was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79 AD, and that its location was lost until the 18th century. The other… Continue Reading “Pompeii: Lost for 1,684 Years or Known through the Ages?”

Biography of Abraham Wheelocke

Abraham Wheelocke, Wheelock, Whelocke, Whelock, or Wheloc was an English linguist and librarian. He was the first to publish, in England, Bede’s ‘Ecclesiastical History’ in its original Latin text opposite the Old English version. He was the first person to attempt printing the Anglo-Saxon… Continue Reading “Biography of Abraham Wheelocke”

Origins of Religions In Fomenko’s New Chronology

This article is a brief introduction to the origins of the major world religions according to Fomenko’s New Chronology. This article is primarily based upon the findings presented in 5.5 of ‘How It Was In Reality’.[0] Development of Religions According to Fomenko’s New Chronology… Continue Reading “Origins of Religions In Fomenko’s New Chronology”

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