Bayeux Tapestry Zodiac (BL)

This article is primarily based on Fomenko’s Christianization of Russia.[0] It contains a collection of pictures which show the complete 70 meter Bayeux Tapestry. English translations of the Latin are provided under the photos. Some texts carry over from one part to the next, so the Latin text may not be fully present on the image which the translation is under.

This Bayeux Tapestry shows a zodiac which contains all twelve traditional Houses and all seven traditional astronomical planets. The zodiacal signifiers rest outside of the main sequence of events. That is to say that they are recorded on the borders of the tapestry.

1 – Leo

two lions on Part 1

The Bayeux Tapestry begins with King Edward sitting on the throne. King Edward is the central character of the tapestry. The borders contain a majority of the only lions in the entire creation. There may be lions at the end, may be dogs with manes, if lions, the zodiac starts and ends with lions.

two lions on Part 2

2 – Cancer

potential crab claws of Cancer on Part 2
Also on Part 2, wings being pinched, potentially Cancer

The next house shown is Cancer. This one is not as easy to spot, but given the rest of them being present, the screenshots from Part 2 and Part 4 probably represent Cancer.

odd tree on Part 2, potentially Cancer
Cancer on the bottom of Part 3

3 – Gemini

Gemini on Part 3

The next house depicted is Gemini. The twins can be seen on Part 3. They are depicted bearing weapons, one looks forward and the other looks back.

4 – Taurus

Taurus on Part 3.5

This is the only bull on the tapestry with significant astronomic value. It is found on Part 3.5 and is positioned directly between the Twins and the Ram.

5 – Aries

Aries on Part 6

Aries is next, found on the top line of Part 6. This is in perfect line with the rest of the symbols. It is positioned between the Bull and the Fish.

6 – Pisces

Pisces on Part 8

Pisces is the 6th symbol shown on the Bayeux Tapestry. It is found on Part 8 and located directly between the Bull and the Water Bearer.

7 – Aquarius

Aquarius on Parts 8 and 9

Aquarius is shown next with watery serpents streaming from a man’s mouth and hand. It is located almost immediately after the image of Pisces. It is found in between the Fish and an old variation of Capricorn, the Crow.

8 – Capricorn

Eagle on Part 9, Capricorn

Capricorn takes the form of an eagle on the Bayeux Tapestry. The idea here is that the zodiac signs were not yet set in stone, and some variations still existed. On this document, we see Capricorn take the form of an eagle.

9 – Sagittarius

Centaur on Part 9

The Fish, The Water Bearer, the Eagle, and the Centaur are all positioned very closely on the tapestry. This may strengthen the case for the Eagle representing Capricorn. Further on the tapestry Sagittarius is followed by Scorpio.

10 – Scorpio

odd design may be Scorpio on Part 13

Scorpio, like the Crab, is oddly represented. These intricate designs may represent the artist’s trouble in trying to depict the ideas handed down to them by the astronomers.

odd design may be Scorpio on Part 13

11 – Libra

the Scales of Libra

Libra follows Scorpio, and can be seen by many of these designs which resemble the scales. Part 16 contains a few, as well as the following Parts.

12 – Virgo

Virgo on the left

Virgo is shown represented by these two women. Both are on Part 23.

Virgo on the right

The 12 houses above are in the typically order, only reversed. All 12 signs are present and identified. There may be more to the tapestry but this is sufficient. The next part is the position of the planets.


The seven planets of ancient astronomy are the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Mercury . The planets below are listed in the order that they appear in the Bayeux Tapestry. The planets appear in the tapestry as giant naked humans.

The Sun and Venus

The Sun and Venus are the first two planets that appear, and they appear as a pare. On Part 6, you can see the Sun with colored hands facing towards Venus who is a woman facing the Sun. They appear between the constellations of Aries and Pisces.


Saturn is the third planet in the sequence. Saturn is depicted on Part 7 as a large naked man crouched over holding an axe with a curved blade. Saturn appears following the Sun and Venus in between Aries and Pisces.


Mercury is fourth and can be seen right after Saturn on Part 7. It also falls between Aries and Pisces. A special note is made about the positioning of Mercury in this location under the man who is reaching out to a women. Here may be depicted the event which leads to the Trojan War.

Mars and the Moon

The Moon and Mars are shown next to each other as a standing woman with hands out towards a man with an axe in one hand and an object in the other. These two are the Moon and Mars respectively and appear between Libra and Virgo. You can see these two planets on Part 23.


Jupiter is found on Part 23, just after the Moon and Mars. A note to be made is the four pointed star on the bottom border of Part 23 below Jupiter. This star is the only one of its kind on the whole Bayeux Tapestry and may signify the royalty of Jupiter. Jupiter is between Libra and Virgo.

What Date is Shown?

Between the year 500 BCE and 2000 CE, there were four dates which corresponded to the zodiac above.[0] These four dates were 72 CE, 818 CE, 1495 CE, and 1981 CE. The last date is not applicable because the tapestry has provenance prior to that date. The first two dates resonate with discrepancies over 8 degrees. The date of March 15, 1495 resonates the strongest with the correct date.

March 15, 1495 not only has discrepancies of 3 degrees or less, but also lines up perfectly with the New Chronology events. Where Christ died in 1185, the first Crusades began shortly after. This date of 1495 would mark the 300 year anniversary of the first Crusades.

If this isn’t a horoscope, then no date is shown.

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