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Mudflood YouTube Channels and Videos

This articles contains information relevant to the history of the mud flood theory. As of right now, the earliest known (unquestionable) video that has mud flood in the title is from August 5th, 2016. It looks to me like it all spread out from… Continue Reading “Mudflood YouTube Channels and Videos”

Mudflood Facebook Groups and Pages

This article is part of my study into the history of “mudflood” research. Not all groups and pages are included, but if there are any that you can find which predate the ones included below, please contact me and let me know what they… Continue Reading “Mudflood Facebook Groups and Pages”

Fomenko’s Mudflood and New Chronology

I’ve heard rumors that Fomenko avoids discussion of mudflood because he is a secret agent for the Russian government. I originally figured (and still do figure) that he never mentioned mudfloods due to them being a relatively recent discussion topic. I don’t remember hearing… Continue Reading “Fomenko’s Mudflood and New Chronology”

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