Star Fort and Novo-Zakamskaya Line in Samara, Russia

This article contains a collection of photos I took on Google maps. My friend showed me this weird trench and while I was looking around, I noticed the star fort to the north. I currently do not know if he had spotted that or not, but he did not tell me it was there.

The star fort is called Krasny Yar Fortress and is located in Samarskaya Oblast, Russia. It was constructed in 1732. It participated in Pugachev’s Rebellion. It is the 9th fortress in a line of 11 running from north to south, all of which were constructed in the 1700s. It is in the best condition compared to the rest.

The images that I captured are as follows;

Novo-Zakamskaya Line, southern part
Novo-Zakamskaya Line, northern part
Four Point Star Fort with Capped Fifth Point
Krasnyy Yar, where the Star Fort is located
Samara, where the Krasnyy Yar is located
Nizhny Novgorod, located to the North West of Samara

What is that trench thing and what is that star fort? Email me at if you have more information which you’d like to be added to this article.

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