“Empirico-Statistical Analysis of Narrative Material and its Application to Historical Dating. Volume 1: The Development of the Statistical Tools” Contents

This article contains the simplified table of contents of Volume 1 of A. T. Fomenko’s Empirico-Statistical Analysis of Narrative Material and its Application to Historical Dating.

The book can be found here; http://chronologia.org/en/kw1.pdf

The table of contents contains;



Chapter 1 – Problems of Ancient and Medieval Chronology

1 (1.1-1.9) – The Global Chronological Diagram of Ancient and Mediaeval History

2 (2.1-2.12) – Computation of the Second Derivative of the Moon’s Elongation and Statistical Regularities in the Distribution of the Records of Ancient Eclipses

3 (3.1-3.3) – Traditional Chronology of the Flares of Stars and the Dating of Ancient Horoscopes

Chapter 2 – New Statistical Methods for Dating 

4 (4.1-4.16) – Certain Statistical Regularities of Information Density Distribution in Texts with A Scale 

5 (5.1-5.10) – A Method of Duplicate Recognition and Some Applications to the Chronology of Ancient Dynasties 

6 (6.1-6.6) – A New Empirico-Statistical Procedure for Text Ordering and Its Applications to the Problems of Dating 

Chapter 3 – New Experimental and Statistical Methods for Dating Events of Ancient History, and Their Applications to the Global Chronology of Ancient and Medieval History

7 – Introduction. N. A. Morozov and Modern Results

8 (8.1-8.15) – Problems of Historical Chronology 

9 (9.1-9.5) – Astronomical and Mathematical Analysis of the Almagest 

10 (10.1-10.4) – Archaeological Dating Methods 

11 – Astronomical Dating. Ancient Eclipses and Horoscopes

12 (12.1-12.11) – New Experimental and Statistical Methods of Dating Ancient Events 

13 (13.1-13.11) – Construction of the Global Chronological Diagram and Certain Results of Applying the Dating Methods to Ancient History 

14 (14.1-14.4) – The “Dark Ages” in Medieval History

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