“Certain Statistical Regularities of Information Density Distribution in Texts with A Scale” Contents

The full book can be found here; http://chronologia.org/en/kw1.pdf

4.1 – Text with a scale. The general notion.

4.2 – Information characteristics (i.e., informative functions) of a historical text. Volume function, name function, and reference function.

4.3 – A theoretical model describing the distribution of local maxima for the volume function of a historical text. Primary stock. The information density conservation law.

4.4 – The correlation of local maxima for the volume graphs of dependent historical chronicles. The surviving-stock graph.

4.5 – Mathematical formulization. The numerical coefficient d(X,Y).

4.6 – Mathematical formulas for computing d(X,Y). Mathematical corrections of the maxima correlation principle.

4.7 – Verification of the maxima correlation principle against concrete historical material.

4.8 – A new method for dating historical events.

4.9 – The discovery of dependent (parallel) historical epochs traditionally regarded as different.

4.10 – The dynasty of rulers and the durations of their reigns as an important informative function.

4.11 – Frequency distribution of the rules of kings who lived from 1400-1800AD and from 3000BC-1800AD.

4.12 – The concepts of statistically parallel historical texts and epochs.

4.13 – The “written biography” or enquete-code of a historical character.

4.14 – A method of comparing the sets of informative functions for two historical epochs.

4.15 – A computational experiment.

4.16 – The remarkable decomposition of the GCD into the sum of four practically indistinguishable chronicles.

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