“Computation of the Second Derivative of the Moon’s Elongation and Statistical Regularities in the Distribution of the Records of Ancient Eclipses” Contents

2.1 – Parameter D” and R. Newton’s paper “Astronomical evidence concerning non-gravitational forces in the earth-moon system”

2.2 – Available observations of ancient solar and lunar eclipses

2.3 – A method of formal astronomical dating

2.4 – The effect of shifting the dates of eclipses forwards

2.5 – An example: three eclipses of Thucydides

2.6 – An example: the eclipse described by Livy

2.7 – An example: the eclipse described by Livy and Plutarch

2.8 – An example: the evangelical eclipse described in the New Testament in connection with the Crucifixion

2.9 – The oscillation of a new graph of D” about one and the same value

2.10 – Three rigid “astronomical shifts” of ancient eclipses

2.11 – The complete picture of astronomical shifts

2.12 – The coincidence of the astronomical shifts with the three basic chronological shifts in the global chronological diagram

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