List of Architectural Styles, Prehistoric through Classical Antiquity

This article contains a list of architectural styles that developed in alleged prehistoric times up through what is currently considered the line between the end of Classical Antiquity and the beginning of the Early Middle Ages, around 400-500AD. The second article contains a list of architectural styles that developed in the Early Middle Ages and in the Middle Ages. The third article contains a list of architectural styles that developed in the Renaissance and Post-Renaissance. The fourth article contains a list of styles from the Neoclassical and Revivalism and Orientialism periods.

The dates included are dependent on the popular chronology which is used in academies across the world.

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Neolithic – (10,000-3000BC)

“Prehistoric Architecture”

Ancient Americas


Mesoamerican Architecture


“Mezcala Four Column Temple with Recumbent Figure”,
Mezcala Architecture


“Platform along the Avenue of the Dead showing the talud-tablero architectural style”, Talud-tablero Architecture


“Xpuhil, Campeche”, Mayan Architecture

Mediterranean and Middle-East Civilizations

Phoenician – (3000-500BC)

Phoenician Architecture

Ancient Egyptian – (3000BC-373AD)

Egyptian Architecture


“Cult Rooms along the West Side of the Central Court”,
Minoan Architecture


“The Palace of Knossos. The portico of the North Entrance Corridor restored in 1930”, Knossos Architecture

Mycenaean – (1600-1100BC)

“Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, Greece, c. 1300-1250 BCE”,
Mycenaean Architecture

Ancient Near East and Mesopotamia

Sumerian – (5300-2000BC)

Sumerian Architecture

Iranian and Persian

Ancient Persian

“Persepolis (Greek for Persian City) was the ornamental capital city that Cyrus the Great founded late in his life around 515 BCE”, Ancient Persian Architecture


Archaemenid Architecture


Iranian Architecture

Persian Garden Style

Persian Garden Style

Ancient Asian


Keerthi Thorana, Warangal, Telangana, Indic Architecture


Dakshineswar Kali Temple in Kolkata, West Bengal,
Bengalese Architecture


Meenakshi temple, Indian Architecture

Indian Rock Cut Architecture

Indian Rock Cut Architecture


Karnataka Architecture


Pakistani Architecture


Sanchi_Stupa_Architecture_of_Maurya_Empire, Mauryan Architecture


Cambodia Architecture – synonymous with Khmer architecture


Pagaruyung Palace, Bukittinggi, Indonesian Architecture

Historic Temple Styles

Buddhist Temple – (1st Century AD)

“Chaitya Hall was built between 50 and 70 AD in India”, Buddhist Temple Architecture

Hindu Temple Styles


Ancient Chinese Wooden Architecture

“Close Up Of Traditional Chinese Style Wooden Architecture. Patterns Of Chinese Traditional”


Japanese Architecture


“Korean Bell of Friendship”, Korean Architecture




“Architettura Sikh”

Classical Antiquity

Etruscan – (700-200BC)

“Etruscan architecture can be displayed by the Etruscan Arch in the city of Perugia. After the Etruscan Arch was manifested, Romans were able to advance the vault and dome structures”, Etruscan Architecture

Classical – (600BC-323AD)

Classical Architecture

Ancient Greek – (776-265BC)

Ancient Greek Architecture Poseidon Temple

Roman – (753BC-663AD)

Triumphal Arch in Jerash (Arch of Hadrian), Roman Architecture

Herodian – (37-4BC)

“Herodian Palace Masada | by joncassie Herodian Palace Masada”,
Herodian Architecture

Early Christian – (100-500)

“the Apostle from the Basilica of St. John, 6th century, Ephesus, near modern day Selçuk, Turkey”, Early Christian Architecture

Byzantine – (527-1520)

Byzantine Architecture

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