Siberian Geoglyphs in the Tunguska Nature Reserve

This article shares with you some information that was shared with me. I looked into it a bit more beyond what was given to me, and I thought it was interesting enough to put into an article for documentation.

The following images are found in the Tunguska Nature Reserve, just outside of a mine from what I can tell. Please email me information if you are familiar with this area. I have no clue why these geoglyphs are here and I have not yet found much information on where they are located, much less who made them.

This article is subject to updates as I discover more.

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Geoglyphs in Siberia

You may not be able to see these geoglyphs from the above image. The image above is a screenshot with the nearest location at the link provided in my references at (1).

Below are some pictures of the geoglyphs up close.

two “windmill” like geoglyphs with 8 “arms” on the left, 10 “arms” on the right
Five spoked “windmill” design
another five spoked “windmill” by a body of water
Eight “arms” geoglyph on “stalk”

As we may see above, there are two types of geoglyphs out in this nature reserve. One type that has eight “arms”, and another that has ten. There are also some that have the ends of arms connecting as to make five “petals”.

If these are made by humans, who made them? If they are natural, how did they form? Where even are these??

I’m fascinated, maybe you are too, please email me if you know what these are.

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(1) –,101.3786693,3535m/data=!3m1!1e3

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