Ctruth Phase One Complete

My health unexplainably plummeted last April (2022) and continued to be in poor condition throughout most of the year. This prompted me to announce a hiatus last August. The initial symptoms that lead to my absence have subsided quite a bit and I’m going to be recording new videos in February (2023). These new videos will be more in line with the wider focus that I’m giving the channel, specifically the intersection of history and deception.

Phase One

What I’m calling “Ctruth Phase One” was my initial step into content creation and the rigorous study of history. I was inspired by Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology to look deeper into the discipline of history and historical sciences, and I made this website and subsequent media outlets to try and get others to explore his works and history in general.

Phase One last four years, from January 2019 to January 2023. I learned a lot about history, chronology, and other related fields, as well as conducted the deepest dive into the works of Fomenko’s New Chronology that I’ve yet seen. My main conclusions from this dive can be summarized as follows:

1) The information included in his works is mostly true. However, the parts which are false are too significant to ignore and undermine his conclusions about how historical conceptions should be deconstructed and reconstructed.

2) The methods and principles employed by Fomenko & Co. for obtaining new historical information are not laid out clearly enough to be reproduced and/or are flawed. I challenge those who are fascinated by Fomenko’s works or subscribe to his historical conclusions to prove me wrong about this second conclusion of mine. I’ve even put together a concise glossary to list out the methods, principles, and other key terms used in the New Chronology works so that you can easily dive right into clarifying these terms and reproducing the results.

3) If the obscurity of the methods is done on purpose and not a byproduct of sloppy scholarship, then I’m inclined to believe Fomenko’s New Chronology could be a hoax or a forgery. In this scenario, the pseudo-methods would only serve as the apparent justification for the New Chronology’s reconstruction of historical narratives. People interested in methodology would not be persuaded by this but people who are uncritical in their acceptance of allegedly scientific information (or any information which doesn’t raise any major red flags) would fall victim to this ruse.

Phase One YouTube Videos

In tightening the focus of my content, I’ve unlisted all of my old YouTube videos. For those who want to see them, they can be found here.

Ctruth Update Videos (Feb 2019-Jun 2022):

Examining Fomenko’s New Chronology (Dec 2019-Apr 2022):

Killing Time (Feb 2020-May 2020):

Scholarly Snippets Season 1 (May 2020-Sept 2020):

Edwin Johnson’s Rise of English Culture (1904) Audiobook (Mar 2021-May 2021):

Scholarly Snippets Season 2 (Sept 2021-Nov 2021):

Misc Audiobooks (Nov 2020-Mar 2022):

Forgery (Jul 2021-Jul 2022)

Office Hours (Nov 2021-Apr 2022):

Responses to Content About Fomenko’s New Chronology (Nov 2021-Jun 2022):

LIVE Reviews (Dec 2021-Mar 2022):

In the News (Feb 2022-Apr 2022)

Phase Two

Phase Two involves my continued studies into history and deception and my continued posting about these topics. Learning from deception is important because it helps protect you from buying into false beliefs.

Although I haven’t posted on this website or my YouTube channel for the past few months, I have been keeping up with my studies and posting reviews on Goodreads. You can keep up to date on what books I’ve been reading by following me on Goodreads @

I plan on releasing new videos for patrons only and then making those videos public on the Ctruth YouTube channel after at least a month or two.

3 Comments on “Ctruth Phase One Complete

  1. Fale histories have just one aim: justid=fication of the ruling order.

    To avoid knowledge of periodic catastrophe, the knowledge has to be hidden.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. what is mean “I plan on releasing new videos for patrons only and then making those videos public on the Ctruth YouTube channel after at least a month or two.”


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