Auxiliary Sciences of History Literature

This article contains a bibliography of works that deal with the historical auxiliary sciences. I have the works organized alphabetically by language and then within those divisions chronologically by the oldest date to the most recent.

This is a useful reference for anyone looking to become more familiar with the auxiliary sciences of history.


Charles Victor Langlois & Charles Seignobos. Chapter 2 of “Introduction to the Study of History” (1906). Accessed 4 May 2021.

Karol Maichel. “Guide to Russian reference books 2 History, auxiliary historical sciences, ethnography, and geography” (1964). Accessed 2 May 2021.

“WRITINGS ON BRITISH HISTORY 1 Auxiliary sciences and general works.” (1968). Accessed 2 May 2021.


Charles Victor Langlois & Charles Seignobos. “Les «sciences auxiliaires»” in “Introduction aux études historiques” (1897). Accessed 4 May 2021.

Eugène Philippe Lelong. “Les sciences auxiliaires de l’histoire du droit” (1900). Accessed 3 May 2021.

Robert Delort. “Introduction aux sciences auxiliaires de l’histoire” (1969). Accessed 3 May 2021.

Luc Francis Genicot. “Introduction aux sciences auxiliaires traditionelles de l’histoire de l’art” (1984). Accessed 3 May 2021.


The Tubingen Treatise (1734). Who wrote this? Where is it today? It allegedly includes the term “elementa et adiumenta historica” (“Grundlegende und unterstützende Geschichtswissenschaft”/”Basic and supporting Historical science”).

Anselm Desing. “Auxilia Historica, Oder Behülff Zu denen Historischen und dazu erforderlichen Wissenschafften” (1741). Accessed 4 May 2021.

Johann Christoph Gatterer. “Handbuch zur Universalgeschichte” (1765). Accessed 3 May 2021.

Gottfried Uhlich. “Die historischen Hilfswissenschaften” (1780). Accessed 3 May 2021.

Johann Georg Fessmaier. “Grundriss der historischen hilfswissenschaften” (1802). Accessed 3 May 2021.

Oscar Gracklauer. “Verzeichniss von Schriften aus dem Gebiete der historischen Hilfswissenschaften, welche von 1857 bis 1882 im deutschen Buchhandel erschienen sind” (1882). Accessed 3 May 2021.

Peter Rück. “Historische Hilfswissenschaften” (1989). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Petra Hauke. “Spezialbibliotheken in Deutschland: Geschichte, historische Hilfswissenschaften” (1996). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Johannes Burkardt. “Die Historischen Hilfswissenschaften in Marburg” (1997). Accessed 3 May 2021.

“Historische Hilfswissenschaften in der Gegenwart : Anforderungen und Perspektiven ; Herrn Prof. Dr. Walter Zöllner zum 65. Geburtstag” (2002). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Toni Diederich & Joachim Oepen. “Historische Hilfswissenschaften: Stand und Perspektiven der Forschung” (2005). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Rainer Kahsnitz. “Historische Hilfswissenschaften und Kunstgeschichte” (2005). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Sönke Lorenz & Stephan Molitor. “Text und Kontext : historische Hilfswissenschaften in ihrer Vielfalt” (2011). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Hiram Kumper. “Materialwissenschaft Mediävistik: eine Einführung in die historischen Hilfswissenschaften” (2014). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Christian Rohr. “Historische Hilfswissenschaften: Eine Einführung” (2015). Accessed 2 May 2021.

Eckart Henning. “Auxilia Historica: Beiträge zu den Historischen Hilfswissenschaften und ihren Wechselbeziehungen” (2015). Accessed 4 May 2021.


Jeremias David Reuss. “Historia; Subsidia Historica; (Geoegraphia; Chronologia; Monumenta Veterum Populorum; Inscriptiones; Numi Et Res Numaria; Ars Diplomatica; Heraldica;) Historia Universalis; Historia Generis Humani; Historia Mythica; Historia Specialis; Asiae; Africae; Americae; Europae; Historia Ecclesiastica; Historia Litterarica” (1810). Accessed 4 May 2021.


Введение в специальные исторические дисциплины: Учебное пособие / О. В. Дмитриева и др.; ред. В. В. Белугина. — М.: Изд-во МГУ, 1990. — 280 с. — 22 000 экз. — ISBN ISBN 5-211-01040-X. Accessed 3 May 2021.

“For the first time in the Russian literature, the textbook examines the content, history of development and the current state, methods of scientific analysis of auxiliary historical disciplines: metrology, chronology, onomastics, genealogy, heraldry, numismatics, cartography of the Western European Middle Ages. The edition contains illustrations of old maps, coins, emblems, etc.
For students of university history departments.”
– Quote is a translation from the above link


Francisco M. Gimeno Blay. “Las llamadas ciencias auxiliares de la historia” (1986). Accessed 3 May 2021.

Adolfo Enrique Rodriguez. “Ciencias auxiliares de la historia” (1992). Accessed 3 May 2021.


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