Biography of Antonio Beccadelli

Antonio Beccadelli was a humanist renaissance who is well known for founding the first of the Renaissance Academies. He was a teacher and close friend of Giovanni Pontano. He was also a key figure in the revival of the Latin epigram.

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My current concise biographical timeline for Antonio Beccadelli is as follows;

1394 – he is born in Palermo

1425-1426 – he writes ‘The Hermaphrodite’, his first work. He dedicates this work to Cosimo de’Medici

1429 – he becomes court poet to Duke Filippo Maria Visconti

1434 – he enters into the serves of Alfonso V of Aragon in Naples. It here where he founds his academy, ‘Porticus Antoniana’. This school is later renamed after Giovanni Pontano.

1432 – he is crowned poet laureate by Emperor Sigismund

1438-1458 – he writes the chronicle ‘Liber Rerum Gestarum Ferdinandi Regis’

1474 – he writes the ‘Gaulish Epistiles’ and the ‘Campanian Epistles’

1471 – he dies in Naples

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