Fessmaier (1802)

Fessmaier (1802) is one of the earliest books I know of that mentions the auxiliary historical sciences in the title.

Johann Georg Fessmaier. “Grundriss der historischen Hilfswissenschaften” (1802). https://www.google.com/books/edition/Grundriss_der_historischen_hilfswissensc/qdw9AAAAIAAJ?hl=en&gbpv=0. Accessed 3 May 2021.

Full German Title: “Grundriss der historischen Hilfswissenschaften vorzüglich nach Gatterers Schriften zum akademischen Gebrauche bearbeitet”

Full English Title: “Outline of the historical Auxiliary sciences, especially adapted from Gatterers’ writings for academic use”

Author: Johann Georg Fessmaier (1775-1828)

Table of Contents

Vorrede (Preface). pp.iii-vi

Einleitung (Introduction). pp.1-4

Chronologie oder Zeitkunde (Chronology or the Study of Time). pp.5-41

Genealogie oder Geschlechtskunde (Genealogy or the Study of Lineages). pp.42-64

Diplomatik oder Urkundenlehre (Diplomatics or Study of Documents). pp.65-193

Heraldik oder Wappenkunde (Heraldry or the Study of Coats of Arms). pp.194-246

Nummismatik oder Münzenkunde (Numismatics or the Study of Coins). pp.247-281

Historische Kritik (Historical Criticism). pp.282-310

Verzeichniss merkwürdiger Historiker (Directory of strange Historians). pp.311-338

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