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Project ASH: Numismatics Professors

This article contains information about paleography professors and the reading material they recommended for beginners. If you know of any paleography professors that I did not list below, please notify me so I can reach out to them. Please do not misuse the information… Continue Reading “Project ASH: Numismatics Professors”

Fessmaier (1802)

Fessmaier (1802) is one of the earliest books I know of that mentions the auxiliary historical sciences in the title. Johann Georg Fessmaier. “Grundriss der historischen Hilfswissenschaften” (1802). Accessed 3 May 2021. Full German Title: “Grundriss der historischen Hilfswissenschaften vorz├╝glich nach Gatterers Schriften… Continue Reading “Fessmaier (1802)”

Uhlich (1780)

This article contains information about Uhlich (1780), one of the first books that is specifically about the historical auxiliary sciences. To my knowledge, this work has never been translated into English or any other languages. Gottfried Uhlich. “Die historischen Hilfswissenschaften” (1780). Accessed 4 May 2021.… Continue Reading “Uhlich (1780)”

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