Project ASH: Numismatics Professors

This article contains information about paleography professors and the reading material they recommended for beginners. If you know of any paleography professors that I did not list below, please notify me so I can reach out to them. Please do not misuse the information provided below.


Alan Stahl
Curator of Numismatics @ Princeton University

Anna Morelli
Assistant Professor of Numismatics @ the University of Bologna
Aggregate Professor of Greek and Roman Numismatics @ First Cycle Degree in Cultural Heritage (campus of Ravenna)

Daniele Castrizio
Full Professor of Numismatics @ Department of Ancient and Modern Civilization of the University of Messina

Hubert Emmerig
Associate Professor of Numismatics and Monetary History @ Vienna University

Jens Christian Moesgaard
Professor @ Stockholm Numismatic Institute (The Gunnar Ekström Chair of Numismatics and Monetary History), University of Stockholm

Peter Planchet
Professor of Numismatics

Suzanne Frey-Kupper
Associate Professor of Numismatics and Classical Archaeology @ the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick

Svein Harald Gullbekk
Professor of Numismatics and History of Money @ Museum of Cultural History, Oslo University


A big thanks goes to the people who responded to my emails.

Professor Suzanne Frey-Kupper gave two recommendations.

1 – Howgego, C. (1995) Ancient History from Coins (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

2 – Metcalf, W. (2012, ed.) Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

Alan M. Stahl informed me that the introductory books are geared towards specific fields of numismatics. He recommended Philip Grierson’s Numismatics (Oxford, 1975). He said it was “comprehensive in coverage and methodology” but that it was somewhat out of date in some areas.

Hubert Emmerig responded by telling me my question was too general.

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