Uhlich (1780)

This article contains information about Uhlich (1780), one of the first books that is specifically about the historical auxiliary sciences. To my knowledge, this work has never been translated into English or any other languages.

Gottfried Uhlich. “Die historischen Hilfswissenschaften” (1780). https://www.google.com/books/edition/Die_historischen_Hilfswissenschaften_Als/T2AiK1kd9B8C?hl=en&gbpv=0. Accessed 4 May 2021.

Full title: “Die Historischen Hilfswissenschaften. Als ein Anhang zu der Universalgeschichte, die zum Gebrauche seiner Vorlesungen in dem adelicher Lövenburg. Kollegium der frommen Schulen verfaffet bat”

English title: “The Historical Auxiliary sciences. As an appendix to the Universal history, those for the use of his lectures in the noble Lövenburg. College of the pious schools”

Table of Contents

Vorrede (Preface). pp.1-2

1 – Geographie (Geography). pp.3-10

2 – Chronologie (Chronology). pp.11-18

3 – Genealogie (Genealogy). pp.19-22

4 – Heraldik oder Wappenkunſt (Heraldry). pp.23-31

5 – Numismatik (Numismatics). pp.32-52

6 – Menschenkunde (Anthropology). pp.53-62

7 – Diplomatik (Diplomatics). pp.63-79

8 – Sphragistik (Sphragistics). pp.80-85

Inhalt (Contents). p.86

2 Comments on “Uhlich (1780)

    • Hi Nick. I posted this because I’ve been spending some time reviewing the literature pertaining to the historical auxiliary sciences. This work is significant because it is one of the first works ever to have “historical auxiliary sciences” (Historischen Hilfswissenschaften) in its title. It also shows the state of these sciences near the end of the 18th century. I’ll be posting more notes here on this article but just wanted to get it up so people could see what I’ve been looking at


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