The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (ASC) is the most important historical source in English history for the period of 500-1189 AD. The ASC is made up of 7 manuscripts, labeled by M. R. James as A-F.

The first attempt at printing the fragments of the ASC was made by by Professor Wheloc around 1644. The second attempt was made in 1692 by Edmund Gibson and contained around 4 times as much content as the first but it was still far from containing the complete ASC. The first literal version was finished in 1819. Every modern analysis of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is normally based on John Earle’s 1865 revision which was published by Charles Plummer between 1892 and 1899.

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A – The Parker Chronicle. Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, MS. 173.

B – The Abingdon Chronicle I. British Library, Cotton Tiberius A VI.

C – The Abingdon Chronicle II. British Library, Cotton Tiberius B I.

D – The Worcester Chronicle. British Library, Cotton Tiberius B IV.

E – The Peterborough (Laud) Chronicle. Bodleian Library, Laud misc. 636.

F – The Bilingual Canterbury Epitome. British Library, Cotton Domitian A VIII.

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[] – Fomenko’s Fundamental English Chronicles

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