Two New Facebook Groups, Dendrochronology and Carbon Dating Discussion Groups


On March 23rd, 2021, I created two new Facebook groups. I named the first group “Dendrochronology Discussion Group” and the second group “Carbon Dating Discussion Group”. To my knowledge, these are the first groups of their kind for these specific topics. I’ll be administrating these groups so that they are civil environments where people can come to ask questions and share information about the topic of the group.


Here are the links to the two new Facebook groups:

Dendrochronology Discussion Group:

Carbon Dating Discussion Group:


Other Comments

I’ve noted this elsewhere, but to state it again, there are almost no Facebook groups dedicated to the discussion of dendrochronology or radiocarbon dating. Outside of Facebook, on platforms such as Reddit, YouTube, Quora, and Stack Exchange, the community for novice discussions are virtually non-existent.


There are two groups on Facebook with the word “dendrochronology” in the title that were already created before mine. The lesser group was created in 2016 and has almost no activity. The main group is titled “Methods in Dendrochronology and beyond”. It was created April 2018 and I’ve been a member of it since August 2018. It has one admin, no rules, and no description. The admin is active but censors without explanation.


I’ve made two posts in that group, one is still up but the other got taken down. The post that got removed was asking if anyone in the group had reviewed a book, C-14 Crash, which had been out for a little bit over 20 years. The book discusses issues with dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating. I’ve been aware of it for about 4 years and haven’t yet found any professional (or unprofessional) response to it. Please let me know if you know of any review.


There is only one C-14 group on Facebook and it looks like it was created for a conference which took place in 2019. I haven’t found any others aside from that one.

I do find the scenario odd, but there are groups for the larger field of natural sciences, the field in which dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating fall. These groups are useful for general inquiry but my groups will narrow the range of inquiry.

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