A sundial is a timekeeping device that works by using a plate to map the sun’s motion as it travels across the sky. Its ability to function is completely dependent on the sun casting a shadow, as opposed to a clock which functions with its own mechanisms.[4, p.6]

SUN’-DIALnoun [sun and dial.]
An instrument to show the time of day,
by means of the shadow of a gnomon or style on a plate.”[1]
Webster’s Dictionary 1828

Types of Sundials

Concise alphabetical list:[2]

Analemmatic Sundial

Analemmic Sundial

Azimuthal Sundial

Bifilar Sundial

Concave Sundial

Cube Sundial

Cross Sundial

Cycloid Polar Sundial

Cylinder Sundial

Digital Equatorial Sundial

Diptych Sundial

Direct Inclining, Reclining and Proclining Sundials

Double Gnomon Polar Sundial

Equatorial Ring Sundial

Equatorial Sundial

Foster-Lambert Sundial

Flag Sundial

Gnomon-less Equatorial Sundial

Globe Sundial

Hemispherical Sundial[3]

Horizontal Altitude Sundial

Horizontal Sundial

Hours Before Sunset Sundial

Noon Sundial

Polar Sundial

Shadow Plane Sundial

Stained Glass Sundial

Star Sundial

Vertical South Sundial

Vertical North Sundial

Vertical East/West Sundials

Vertical Declining Sundial

Wide Gnomon Equatorial Sundial

Window Sundial

Universal Analemmatic Sundial

Universal Foster-Lambert Sundial

Universal Bifilar Sundial

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[4] – Mondschein, Ken, and Neal Stephenson. On Time: a History of Western Timekeeping. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020.

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