Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar (100-44 BC).

There are two works which are believed to have been written by him. They are the Commentarii de Bello Gallico (The Gallic Wars) and the Commentarii de Bello Civili (The Civil War).

Roger Pearse lists a number of MSS that are thought to be based on the writings of Julius Caesar.

Alpha Family:

  • Amsterdam 73, 2nd quarter of the 9th century, written at Fleury (=A)
  • Paris lat. 5056, 11-12th century, written at Moissac (=Q)
  • Paris lat. 5763, 1st quarter of the 9th century, French, later at Fleury (=B)
  • Vatican lat. 3864, 3rd quarter of the 9th century, written at Corbie (=M)
  • Florence, Laur. Ashb. 33, 10th century, possibly French (=S)
  • British Library Additional 10084, 11-12th century, probably from Gembloux (=L)

Beta Family:

  • Florence, Laur. 68.8, basically 10-11th century, probably Italian, once the property of Niccolo Niccoli (=W)
  • Vatican latinus 3324, 11-12th century, possibly French (=U)
  • Paris lat. 5764, 3rd quarter of the 11th century, French (=T)
  • Vienna 95, 1st quarter of the 12th century, probably from Trier (=V)

“Some 75 mss later than the 9th century have been listed by Virginia Brown, who has classified them into groupings tentatively.” [1]

“Virginia Brown classified and eliminated 162 later mss of this family.  (I would imagine, myself, that the majority of these are 15th century, the sort of books being made in quantity in Italy on the eve of the invention of printing).” [1]

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[1] – https://www.roger-pearse.com/weblog/2011/01/08/the-manuscripts-of-caesars-works/. Accessed 5 August 2020.

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