Biography of Cosimo de’ Medici

Cosimo de’ Medici was an Italian banker and statesman. He was also known as Cosimo the Elder and/or Cosimo il Vecchio. He was the first member of his family to rule Florence.

Cosimo commissioned the first ever complete translation of the complete works of Plato.

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1389 – He is born in Florence

1415 – He accompanies Antipope John XXIII at the Council of Constance

1415 – He is named “Priore of the Republic of Florence”

c.1415 – He marries Contessina de’ Bardi

1429 – His father dies

1433 – He is imprisoned and then expelled from Florence

1434 – He becomes the ruler of Florence

1439 – He plays an important role in persuading Pope Eugene IV to move the Ecumenical Council of Ferrara to Florence

1444 – He founds the first public library in Florence

1445 – He establishes a Platonic Academy in Florence

1464 – He dies near Florence

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