Ctruth New Chronology Miscellaneous Articles

These are articles which I wrote based on Fomenko’s works:

Authors of Fomenko’s New Chronology

Biography of Anatoly Fomenko

Controversies Resulting from Fomenko’s New Chronology

Five Issues with Chronology

Fomenko’s Fundamental English Chronicles

Glossary of Fomenko’s New Chronology

Grand Princes as the Khans of Khans

Horde and (Cossack) Rada Share a Common Root Word

Odin as Christ? Primer

Odin as Christ?

Origins of Religions

Stephen Sorensen Talks About Fomenko’s New Chronology

The Bible in Fomenko’s New Chronology

The Five Major Capitals of Fomenko’s New Chronology

The Twelve Months

Vladimir, Capital of the World?

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