Horde and (Cossack) Rada Share a Common Root Word

“Ukrainian Cossacks”

This article contains my review of Chapter 3 of A. T. Fomenko’s “The Issue with Russian Tartary”.

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Chapter 3 is titled “The Horde as the Cossack council (rada)”. In this chapter, Fomenko focuses on linguistic similarities to show Cossack Rada may be related to the Horde.

The similarity is between “Orda” (Horde) and “rada” (order). An additional word mentioned is “rod”, which is “family” or “clan” in Russian. These three words are claimed to all share a common root. Two more related words are “rat” (army) and “narod” (people).

The root word here would be Slavic in origin, a word translating as “government” or “council”. Other words which may be related or share the same origin are the Latin “ordo” and the German “Ordnung” (order).

Old Church Slavonic

Fomenko cites [161] as “Herberstain, Sigismund. ‘Notes on Moscovia’. Moscow, MSU Publications, 1988”. The quote he uses is; “the word Horde, stands for “a gathering” or “a multitude” in their language”. “Their” language here is referring to the language of the Tartars.

The word “horde” is often associated with uncivilized nomads, but it has not always had this common perception. Reportedly as recently as the 1600s, the word was used synonymously with words like “army”, “troops”, and more related words.

“The History of the Cossacks”

Fomenko cites [790] as “Dictionary of the Russian Language in the XI-XVII centuries’. Edition 13” and uses three quotes from it to show the use of the word “horde” in reports about the German and Swedish. The three quotes are as follows;

“Jagan the Third … His Swedish hordes had become accustomed to owning that kingdom as their very own”. – Issue 13, page 65

“He was gathering hordes of the Germans under his banners” – Issue 13, page 65

“They know nothing of the ancient customs of their service, neither the civilians, nor the Horde”. – Issue 13, page 65

Old Slavonic

As can be seen above, there do appear to be quite obvious similarities between these words. The above is a summary of the evidence provided by Fomenko from Chapter 3 in support of “Horde” and “Rada” being of the same root. This concludes my review.

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