Biography of Geoffroy Tory

This article contains a concise biographical timeline for Geoffroy Tory (c.1480-1533). He was a French humanist and engraver who’s work had a massive impact on French publishing. He is best known for adding accents on French letters.

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c.1480 – He is born in Bourges.

1505 – He leaves for Italy after completing his studies in Paris.

1508 – He publishes Pomponius Mela.

1509 – He becomes one of the youngest professors to teach at the Collège du Plessis.

1511 – He becomes a professor at Collège de Coqueret.

1514 – He marries the widow of a deceased friend of his.

1518 – He returns to Paris. He begins regularly producing woodcuts and selling books.

1524 – He discovers The Book of Hours.

1525 – He completes his copy of The Book of Hours.

1529 – He publishes what turns out to be one of the most important works of the times, Champfleury. He also publishes Tres utile et compendieulx traicte de lart et science dorthographie gallicane.

1530 – He becomes the official printer of King Francis I.

1531 – He publishes The Book of Hours.

1532 – He is made a librarian at the University of Paris.

1533 – He publishes L’Adolescence clémentine et Briesve doctrine pour deuement escripre.

1533 – He dies.

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