List of Architectural Styles, Early Middle Ages through Middle Ages

This article contains a list of architectural styles that developed in the Early Middle Ages and in the Middle Ages. The dates in this article are based on the traditional chronology which was largely created in the 16th-17th centuries.

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Early Middle Ages


Latin Armenian (4th-16th cc)

Armenian Architecture

Anglo-Saxon (450s-1066)

Anglo-Saxon Architecture

Bulgarian (681+)

Bulgarian Architecture

First Bulgarian Empire (681-1018)

First Bulgarian Empire Architecture

Bulgarian, Tarnavo Artistic School (13th-14th cc)

Tarnavo Artistic School Architecture

Pre-Romanesque (c.700-1000)

Pre-Romanesque Architecture

Iberian Pre-Romanesque

Iberian Pre-Romanesque

Merovingian (5th-8th cc)

Merovingian Architecture

Visigothic (5th-8th cc)

Visigothic Architecture

Asturian (711-910)

Asturian Architecture

Carolingian (780s-9th c)

Carolingian Architecture

Ottonian (950s-1050s)

Ottonian Architecture

Repoblacíon (880s-11th c)

Repoblacíon Architecture


Serbian Architecture

Serbian, Raska School (12th-15th cc)

Raska School Architecture

Serbian, Morava School

Morava School Architecture


Mediaeval Europe


Mediaeval Architecture

Byzantine (up to 1520)

Byzantine Architecture

Kievan Rus’

Kievan Rus’ Architecture


First Romanesque (1000-????)

First Romanesque Architecture

Romanesque (1000-1300)

Romanesque Architecture

Norman (1074-1250)

Norman Architecture

Cistercian Monasteries (mid-12th c)

Cistercian Monasteries Architecture

Associated Styles

Timber Frame Styles

Timber Frame Style Architecture

Architecture of the California Missions (1769-1823)

California Missons Architecture

Gothic (1140-1520)


Gothic Architecture

Early English Period (c.1190-1250)

Early English Period Architecture

Decorated Period (c.1290-1350)

Decorated Period Architecture

Perpendicular Period (c.1350-1550)

Perpendicular Period Architecture

Rayonnant Gothic (1240-c.1350)

Rayonnant Gothic Architecture

Venetian Gothic (14th-15th cc)

Venetian Gothic Architecture

Spanish Gothic

Spanish Gothic Architecture

Mudéjar Style (c.1200-1700)

Mudéjar Style Architecture

Aragonese Mudéjar (c.1200-1700)

Aragonese Mudéjar Style Architecture

Isabelline Gothic (1474-1505)

Isabelline Gothic Architecture

Plateresque (1490-1560)

Plateresque Architecture

Flamboyant Gothic (1400-1500)

Flamboyant Gothic Architecture

Brick Gothic (c.1350-c.1400)

Brick Gothic Architecture

Manueline (1495-1521)

Manueline Architecture


Asian Architecture Contemporary with the Dark Ages and Mediaeval Europe


Shinden Zukuri (Heian Period)

Shinden Zukuri Architecture


Song Dynasty Architecture

Song Dynasty Architecture



Hanok Architecture

Dravidian and Vesara Temple Styles, India

Badami Chalukya, a.k.a. Central Indian Temple Style/Deccan Architecture (450-700)

Deccan Architecture

Rashtrakuta (750-983)

Rashtrakuta Architecture

Western Chalukya, a.k.a. Gadag (1050-1200)

Gadag Architecture

Hoysala (900-1300)

Hoysala Architecture

Vijayanagara (1336-1565)

Vijayanagara Architecture

Other Indian Styles

Kalinga Architecture

Kalinga Architecture

Rekha Deula

Rekha Deula Architecture

Pidha Deula

Pidha Deula Architecture

Khakhara Deula

Khakhara Deula Architecture

Hemadpanthi (1200-????)

Hemadpanthi Architecture

Islamic Architecture (620-1918)

Central Styles

Prophetic Era (c.620-630)

Prophetic Era Architecture

Rashidi Period (c.630-660)

Umayyad Architecture (c.660-750)

Abbasid Architecture (c.750-1256)

Abbasid Architecture

Mamluk Architecture (1256-1516)

Ottoman Architecture (1517-1918)

Ottoman Architecture

American Architecture Contemporary with the Dark and Middle Ages


Puuc Architecture


Mayan Architecture

Aztec (c.14th c-1521)

Aztec Architecture

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