List of Architectural Styles, Renaissance through Post-Renaissance

This article contains a list of architectural styles that developed in the Renaissance and Post-Renaissance eras. The dates in this article are based on the traditional chronology which was largely created in the 16th-17th centuries.

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The Renaissance and Post-Renaissance

Renaissance (c.1425-1600)

Renaissance Architecture

Central European Renaissance

Central European Renaissance

Polish Renaissance

Polish Renaissance Architecture

French Renaissance

French Renaissance Architecture

Eastern European Renaissance

Eastern European Renaissance Architecture

Palladian (1516-1580)

Palladian Architecture

Mannerism (1520-1600)

Mannerism Architecture

Polish Mannerism (1550-1650)

Polish Mannerism Architecture

Eastern Orthodox Church (1400+)

Eastern Orthodox Church Architecture


Henry II (1530-1590)

Henry II Architecture

Louis XIII (1601-1643)

Louis XIII Architecture

United Kingdom

Tudor (1485-1603)

Tudor Architecture

Elizabethan (1480-1620)

Elizabethan Architecture

Jacobean (1580-1660)

Jacobean Architecture

Spain and Portugal

Spanish Renaissance

Spanish Renaissance Architecture

Herrerian (1550-1560)

Herrerian Architecture


Plateresque Architecture

Portuguese Renaissance

Portuguese Renaissance Architecture

Portuguese Plain Style (1580-1640)

Portuguese Plain Style Architecture


Portuguese Colonial (c.1480-1820)

Portuguese Colonial Architecture

Spanish Colonial Style (1520s-c.1820s)

Spanish Colonial Style Architecture

Dutch Colonial (1615-1674)

Dutch Colonial Architecture

Chilotan (1600+)

Chilotan Architecture

First Period (1625-1725)

First Period Architecture

French Colonial

French Colonial Architecture

Colonial Georgian Architectural

Colonial Georgian Architectural

Baroque (1600-1899)

Andean Baroque (1680-1780)

Andean Baroque Architecture

Baroque (c.1600-1750)

Baroque Architecture

English Baroque (1666-1713)

English Baroque Architecture

Spanish Baroque (c.1600-1760)

Spanish Baroque Architecture

Churrigueresque (1660s-1750s, revival 1915+)

Churrigueresque Architecture

Earthquake Baroque (17th-18th cc)

Maltese Baroque (c.1635-1798)

New Spanish Baroque (mid-17th-early-18th cc)

New Spanish Baroque Architecture

French Baroque (c.1650-1789)

French Baroque Architecture

Dutch Baroque (c.1650-1700)

Dutch Baroque Architecture

Sicilian Baroque (1693-c. 1745)

Sicilian Baroque Architecture

Portuguese Joanine Architecture (c.1700-1750)

Portuguese Joanine Architecture

Russian Baroque (c.1680-1750)

Russian Baroque Architecture

Naryshkin Baroque (c.1690-1720)

Naryshkin Baroque Architecture

Ukrainian Baroque

Ukrainian Baroque Architecture

Petrine Baroque (c.1700-1745)

Petrine Baroque Architecture

Elizabethian Baroque

Elizabethian Baroque Architecture

Rococo (c.1720-1789)

Rococo Architecture

Asian Architecture Contemporary with Renaissance and Post-Renaissance Europe


Shoin-zukuri (1560s-1860s)

Shoin-zukuri Architecture

Sukiya-zukuri (1530s-present)

Sukiya-zukuri Architecture

Minka, a.k.a. Japanese Folk Architecture

Minka Architecture


Gassho-zukuri Architecture


Honmune-zukuri Architecture

Imperial Crown Style (1919-1945)

Imperial Crown Style Architecture

Giyōfū Architecture (1800s)

Giyōfū Architecture



Indo-Islamic Architecture

Mughal (1540-????)

Mughal Architecture


Akbari Architecture

Mughal Garden Style

Mughal Garden Style Architecture

Sharqi a.k.a. Jaunpur

Sharqi Architecture

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