Biography of Moses Shapira

Moses Shapira (1830-1884) was a Jerusalem antiquities dealer and purveyor of allegedly forged Biblical artifacts – the most high profile of which was the Shapira Scroll. The shame brought about by accusations that he was involved in the forging of ancient biblical texts drove him to suicide. “After one lucrative deal in which he sold 1,700 fake figurines to a… Continue Reading

Biography of Pierre Louÿs

Pierre Louÿs (1870-1925) was a French poet and writer, most renowned for lesbian and classical themes in some of his writings. He has been exposed for committing literary falsification in his Songs of the Poetess Bilitis. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 1870 – He is born in Ghent, Belgium. 1890s – He becomes a friend of Oscar Wilde.… Continue Reading

Biography of Montesquieu

Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu (1689-1755) “was a French judge, man of letters, and political philosopher. He is the principal source of the theory of separation of powers, which is implemented in many constitutions throughout the world. He is also known for doing more than any other author to secure the place of the word “despotism”… Continue Reading

Biography of Benedikt Niese

Jürgen Anton Benedikt Niese (1849-1910) was also known as also known as Benedict, Benediktus or Benedictus Niese, was a German classical scholar. best known for his then definitive editio maior of the works of the Jewish historian Josephus (Weidmann, Berlin, 1885–1895), based on a detailed study of the best manuscripts available. His numbering system is still the most commonly used when referring to… Continue Reading

Biography of Jacques Collin de Plancy

Jacques Albin Simon Collin de Plancy (1793-1881) was a French occultist, demonologist, and writer. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 1793 – He is born in Plancy, France. 1818 – He publishes his Infernal Dictionary. 1821-1822 – He publishes his Critical Dictionary of Relics and Miraculous Images (Volume One, Two, Three) 1830-1837 – He resides in Brussels,… Continue Reading

Biography of Friedrich Wagenfeld

Friedrich Wagenfeld (1810-1846) was a German philologist, author, and a known forger of a historical document. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ 1810 – He is born in Bremen. 1829-1832 – He studies philology in Gottingen. 1837 – He publishes his forgery of the entire text of Philo of Byblos’ Sanchoniathon that he claimed to have found in the… Continue Reading

Biography of Gerhard Nicolaas Heerkens

Gerhard Nicolaas Heerkens (1726-1801) was a Dutch hate poet, famous literary scholar, and a scientist. He was a member of the Zeeland society of sciences in Vlissingen, and of the Dutch society of sciences in Haarlem (among others). His pseudonym was Marius Curillus. He is less known for publishing a writing falsely attributed Lucius Varus. This… Continue Reading