Biography of Gerhard Nicolaas Heerkens

Gerhard Nicolaas Heerkens (1726-1801) was a Dutch hate poet, famous literary scholar, and a scientist. He was a member of the Zeeland society of sciences in Vlissingen, and of the Dutch society of sciences in Haarlem (among others). His pseudonym was Marius Curillus.

He is less known for publishing a writing falsely attributed Lucius Varus. This writing’s authorship was later exposed as belonging to the 15th century Venetian humanist, Gregorio Correr in his Progne.

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1726 – He is born in Groningen.

1738 – He learns Latin at the College of Jesuits in Meppen, Germany.

1743 – He returns to Kleinemeer and studies in his father’s library.

1747-8 – He goes to study in Leiden.

1749 – He studies in Paris.

1750 – He obtains a doctoral degree in Rheims.

c.1750-1761 – He spends time traveling through France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland and then returns to Groningen.

1801 – He dies.

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