Biography of Benedikt Niese

Jürgen Anton Benedikt Niese (1849-1910) was also known as also known as Benedict, Benediktus or Benedictus Niese, was a German classical scholar. best known for his then definitive editio maior of the works of the Jewish historian Josephus (Weidmann, Berlin, 1885–1895), based on a detailed study of the best manuscripts available. His numbering system is still the most commonly used when referring to the text.

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1849 – He is born in Burg, on the island of Fehmarn.

prior to 1867 – He studies at the Domgymnasium in Schleswig.

1867 – He studies at Bonn and Kiel under Alfred von Gutschmid.

1872 – He is awarded a PhD.

1876 – He becomes a lecturer at the University of Gottingen.

1877-1881 – He is a professor at the University of Marburg.

1881 – He becomes Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Breslau.

1885 – He becomes Professor of Classical Philology at UoMarburg.

1900/01 – He is rector at UoMarburg.

1906 – He becomes Professor of Ancient History at the University of Halle.

1910 – He dies at the UoHalle.

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