Biography of Felix Jacoby

Felix Jacoby (1876-1959) was a Germen classicist and philologist. He is most commonly known for his work Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, a collection of text fragments attributed to ancient Greek historians.

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1876 – He is born in Magdeburg to Jewish parents.

c.1887 – He is baptised as a Protestant in St John’s Church.

1906-1934 – He is professor of Classics at Kiel.

1913 – He writes his Realencyclopädie der Classischen Altertumswissenschaft, which is about the Greek historian Herodotus.

1929 – He begins his life long work, Fragmente der griechischen Historiker.

1939 – He flees to England and studies at Oxford.

1956 – He returns to Germany.

1959 – He dies in Berlin.

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